Reacting to GrimmGreen’s Review of Water-Malone

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They Like Me…They Really Like Me

So recently, I was made aware of Nick “GrimmGreen” Green, popular vape YouTuber, receiving my one-shots available from LiquidBarn. I wasn’t sure if he was going to actually try them or not, as I’m sure he’s bombarded with products all the time, and this was a product that took a bit of work to actually use. But when I heard that in his latest vlog he not only mixed up my one-shot, but reviewed it as well, it’s safe to say I was a bit anxious.

The video above is my reaction to his full review of Water-Malone – which you can purchase here from, and here is the exact recipe where you can actually make it yourself if you have the necessary ingredients –

Just a quick thank you to LiquidBarn for collaborating with me on this project and allowing me to put out these products, and of course GrimmGreen for the kind words. Hopefully this allows more people to learn, not just about Water-Malone, but the pleasures of DIY E-liquid Mixing, allowing more and more to vape without completely draining their bank accounts, and giving themselves a more tailored vape experience.

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