Noted: Ep. 58 – Ginger

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FLV Ginger Peach Mostly tastes like cream soda, white peach, not a lot, a large amount of cream soda and vanilla with a little kick of ginger 1 18 
FLV Ginger Earthy, floral, fancy ginger syrup, spice flavor with a floral sweetness.   22 
VT Ginger Root Dead on, authentic, very potent and intense, has a ginger kick, feels wet like real ginger 1.5-2 28 
NF Ginger Solid, very fresh, raw ginger, not wet or sharp, and thus slightly more versatile, has some body   36 
FW Ginger Spicy, not very sweet on top. Slight sweetness, a little flat and dull 1 42 
HS Ginger Candied, thick, syrupy, ginger, bit throaty and dry. Would work well in a cocktail or a candy 1.5 47 
HS Gingerbread Between gingerbread and rye bread. Dry and top heavy, tastes like bread not a cookie 2 51 
CAP Gingerbread Not dark enough for a gingerbread, but very good. Rich sweet cakey body underneath the ginger spice  54 
FLV Gingersnap Made with brown sugar and molasses, sweet, it will murder your coils  57 
TFA Gingerbread Extra Ginger No bread, no bakery, tastes like a ginger forward pumpkin spice flavor 1 59 
TFA Ginger Ale No fizz of a ginger ale, slight vanilla note, very syrupy 4 63 
OOO Ginger Ale Soda A little fizzy feeling, not as sweet as Ginger Ale, has a slight hint of citrus 3 70 
OOO Ginger Beer Pretty accurate, spicy, less sweet, darker and deeper sweetness 3 72 
OOO Gingerbread Cookie Has the snap in a gingersnap, missing the cookie body underneath, blank vg flavor came through at the end 3 73 
INW Spicy Biscuit Small amount of ginger, more like a cinnamon spice, pumpkin spice, tiny bit of ginger & clove  73 
INW Exotic Roots Assaulting, potent, ginger, kicked in the throat, very sharp and dry  76 
INW Falcon Eye Not unpleasant, tobacco with a slight pear skin, not a clear ginger flavor but there is a definite spice in there 2 78 
FE Ginger grass  85 


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