Don’t Use Syringes, Just Get a Scale; Nicotine Salt Nootropics #QuickTips

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Syringe vs Scale

In the video above, I go over two interesting topics that should help you in your mixing. The first topic is more geared towards beginners, and will be the single most impactful “hack” they can do to increase their mixing speed…and that’s getting a scale. Here’s a quick breakdown as to why it’s the best method of mixing for smaller batches

  1. speed
  2. no clean up
  3. cheaper in the long run
  4. no clean up

If I could race someone using syringes in mixing, from nothing to a finished product, I’ll bet $1mil I’d win if I was using a scale. The speed advantage of mixing by weight is unrivaled. One of the reasons why it’s so fast, is because of number 2, which is that there’s no clean up. All your products just get dropped right into your bottle you will use for vaping, and voila, you’re done. It’s also much cheaper in the long run, because you’re no longer buying syringes. While a scale might be more money upfront, it quickly pays for itself. Then finally, of course, there’s no clean up. Which is reason enough to use a scale (yes I understand I used that twice, it’s that important)

Nootropic Nicotine Salts

the next topics is a bit more “deeper diy” than the first. I talk about an email I received from someone who suffers from depression and ADHD. They were looking into using nicotine salts, at lower doses like 0.5 – 3mg, in order to gain cognitive and anti-anxiety benefits. It’s a very interesting topic, as it’s something I wish could be studied much more. Now that we have devices that isolate nicotine delivery in a much safer way compared to cigarettes, the cognitive benefits of nicotine are becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, as you can see in the video, I’m not entirely sold on Nicotine Salts, especially for those worrying about addiction.

Check out the video above, and be sure to leave all your feedback, comments, and concerns below!

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