LE Hadaly Ti by Psyclone Mods

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The Best Got…Better?

In the video above I take a quick look at a new version of one of my all time favorite RDA’s. The Limited Edition Titanium Hadaly which was released last week.

The video looks at what comes with the LE Hadaly, a quick build, and I try to spot any clear difference between it and the original.

The verdict is simple. If you enjoy what Mac and Psyclone provide, and you want to support them by buying a titanium limited edition version of the best RDA in existence, then this product is for you. But if you don’t fall into any of those categories, it’s probably best you just pick up the original or the Entheon, since the vape is almost indistinguishable.

Pick Up the Hadaly Ti Here


  1. I picked this up before I saw your vid. Spot on, and it can still be found by some retailers. First juice I used with it was your pumpkin pie recipe:)

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