Noted: Ep. 58 – Mango!

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FLV Mango Not perfect, needs help often. Can be picked out in a mix easily. Doesn’t blend well. It’s a good darker, heavy syrupy nectar-like mango. Brighter notes, not super dry , has a nice mango kick, has good body as well 1-4 11 
SC Mango or FE Mango It’s juicy, vibrant, very bright, and complex. Has a big problem with fading akin to a lemon, works well in creamy mixes  18 
Wrecka Sexy Mango Rancid and sickeningly sweet  22 
WF Island Mango Under ripe, from a lack of that tropical funkiness, bright citrusy turned up high, has some body but not creamy, more juicy  28 
WF Fruit & Cream Its good but not as a mango  31 
VT Shisha Mango Musky, very realistic, dark, slightly overly pine flavored 3-4 32 
VT Mango Juice Dull flat peach with a mango juice, really thick, dry thickness. More like mango juice from concentrate. Has a wispy airiness to it. Slightly pine flavored 3 37 
VT Passion fruit Mango Toned down shisha mango, less ripe and less pine, more like a passion fruit syrup in the finish.   38 
VT Green Mango Almost entirely the green peel note (very pine flavored). Slight green peppers or grass note  40 
DL Mango Missing the mango punch, heavily sweet. Like a bit passed its date, a slight green at the beginning and then the sweetness. Missing the middle parts of the mango. Could use more juice and body 4-6 41 
OOO Mango(s) SOAP or HAIRSPRAY for all the One On One mango flavors  44 
NN Mango Cream Soapy peach 3 45 
TFA Chili Mango Soap  46 
TFA Philippian Mango Super weak, juicy, watered down mango juice, use it to add to mangos to make them juicier  6 47 
TFA Mango Not a good mango, like dusty, can give you a scratchy throat  50 
RF SC Mango Top heavy, thin, dry, too much peach 4 51 
LA Mango Rotten peach  52 
MB Tropical Mango Middle of the road, startlingly lemony, then riper sweeter mango notes come in. very little pine flavor, not super juicy or vibrant  53 
DIY FS Yellow Mango Tastes like yellow with a cleaning product off note 5 54 
FW Mango Not a mango  55 
NR Goldeneye Bright and tart, like an attempt at sour mango candy 2-4 58 
FR Mango Similar to VT Shisha mango, with a slight papaya note to it.   59 
PUR Papaya Mango Tastes like candy, tropical peach rings  59 
German Flavored Mango Perfumey under ripe  61 
INW Shisha Mango Not good, like a green under ripe mango with a intense musk to it 2 61 
INW Mango Dry, green, floral, under ripe, woody generic note, darker mango 1-1.5 62 
JF Mango a 65 
HS Mango Not really a mango, interesting and fun, like a single flavor fake mango cream. Like blatantly artificial mango syrup in a heavy cream  66 
CAP Sweet Mango aWay to funky and ripe. Its like a fermented mango, super useful as an additive to other mangos, works really well in mixes to mix them up and un separate them  68 


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