The Random DIY E-liquid Recipe Wheel


Have you ever had mixer’s block? Or maybe you’ve been uninspired to mix? Maybe unmotivated? Well maybe try out a drill or a game to help get your mixing mind jogging a bit. That was the inspiration to this video, the Random Recipe Wheel.

This is where I take 3 different random wheel spinners. One wheel is meant for a top note, like a fruit or topping. The middle was a pairing or “body” note, and the final wheel was for foundations and bases, like bakeries or cakes. I spin each wheel, taking a profile from each, and creating ONE recipe out of it. What transpires is hilarious. A Guava Cookie Dough Pie? How about a Strawberry Rice Tea? Watch the video to see the antics.

Guava Cookie Dough Pie

Alpine Strawberry Tea with Sweet Rice Accent


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