The Random DIY E-liquid Recipe Wheel

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Have you ever had mixer’s block? Or maybe you’ve been uninspired to mix? Maybe unmotivated? Well maybe try out a drill or a game to help get your mixing mind jogging a bit. That was the inspiration to this video, the Random Recipe Wheel.

This is where I take 3 different random wheel spinners. One wheel is meant for a top note, like a fruit or topping. The middle was a pairing or “body” note, and the final wheel was for foundations and bases, like bakeries or cakes. I spin each wheel, taking a profile from each, and creating ONE recipe out of it. What transpires is hilarious. A Guava Cookie Dough Pie? How about a Strawberry Rice Tea? Watch the video to see the antics.

Guava Cookie Dough Pie

Sweet Guava Cookie Dough Pie


This is an absolutely disgusting recipe. Do not make. It was the result of a random wheel generator. I tried my best. That's all I can do. Made on "The Random DIY E-liquid Recipe Wheel" Video ->


CAP Pomegranate V2     0.5%CAP Sweet Guava     2%FLV Cookie     2%FA Apple Pie     0.5%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     3%

Total Flavor: 8%

Alpine Strawberry Tea with Sweet Rice Accent

Alpine Strawberry Tea with Sweet Rice Accent


This is an interesting recipe that uses an aromatic and fragrant tea as the base, with the Alpine Strawberry as the top note, finished off with a light starchy, and slightly creamy sweet rice. It's really odd, but damn tasty. Made on ->


FLV Alpine Strawberry     1%FLV Eisai tea     1%FLV Kinako Soy     0.5%FE Sweet Rice     0.25%

Total Flavor: 2.75%


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