Noted: Ep. 57 – Cranberry

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Can You Do It? Yes You CRAN! (sorry)

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
CAP Cranberry A little thin, tart, bright, off the shelf cranberry juice 6-8 5 
FLV Cranberry Tastes like ocean spray cranberry juice, vivid, good body, almost syrupy, almost stickier, more like a cranberry sauce than a juice in texture 1-3 7 
FLV Apple Cranberry Harsh, very good apple flavor, but the throat hit is very harsh, very bright, very flavorful. Like a raw cranberry <1 13 
FW Cranberry Candied and bright, lightly floral, slight harshness, reminiscent of a sweet tart 3 18 
HS Apple Mix A powdered apple cider mix, with a slight cranberry tartness. Uses the cranberry to brighten up the duller apple cider base 3 20 
LA Cranberry If there was such a thing as a cranberry jolly rancher, this would be it. Almost has a hard candy note to it.  25 
LB Cranberry Cobbler Bright cranberry and a LOT of cobbler. Mostly cobbler. The cobbler note is very good though there is just to much of it. 12 28 
OOO Cranberry Similar to fw, candied body, a lot more tart on top and finishes with some tartness. Could pass for a heavily sweetened cranberry juice but it is a little dry. 3 33 
TFA Cranberry Sauce Tastes like a bad Swedish fish flavor, it’s too red, and sticky, has a “waxy” feel 3 35 
TFA Cranberry Green, tastes like a real cranberry flavor, very vegetable and green 3 38 


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