Simple Watermelon Lemonade (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

I love lemonades. They’re extremely fun to mix, mainly because they’re quite forgiving, and finding the right combo of citrus and fruitiness is always a journey. Watermelon Lemonade is a beverage I had a few times before. It consists of taking ripe, seedless watermelon, pulsing it in a blender with some simple syrup, adding a touch of herbs, like mint, and then straining into some homemade lemonade. The watermelon is a more subtle fruit, with its sweetness more subdued. But this is counteracted by the extremely sweet and tart lemonade, so it creates a nice balance for those who want something refreshing and bright, but not TOO sweet. This recipe is based around that exact premise.

Simple Watermelon Lemonade V1

Simple Watermelon Lemonade v1


This is a very simple, easy to mix, easy to understand, Watermelon Lemonade. Made for article: ->


DOD Water Malone     10%LA Lemonade     5%

Total Flavor: 15%

Flavor Notes:

DOD Water-Malone: In this recipe, I’m using my Water-Malone one shot to create the entire watermelon base. To me, there’s no better fresh, ripe, authentic watermelon flavor, so it makes sense to just use the one shot. But it’s a bit deeper than just “I like this watermelon so I’ll use it”. The one-shot contains a few vital ingredients that make it stand next to lemonades really nicely. FLV Wild and Watermelon together create a watermelon flavor that packs a touch of artificial candy that helps make the profile more identifiable, but it’s not overt. That combined with the Dragonfruit, contrasts the lemonade in a perfect way. What you end up with it a more watermelon focused “pink” lemonade, which suits the profile perfectly.

LA Lemonade: The last part of the recipe uses LA Lemonade which to me, is a lemonade that’s damn hard to beat. At 5%, you get a fresh juicy lemon flavor throughout, with a slight candy lemon foundation, and a tart, citrus finish that pulls the lemonade together. If you want to add more “candy” to the profile, add in some CAP Lemon Lime to give things a bit more excitement. But I’m keeping it nice and simple because there’s no need to over-think the recipe.

Simple Watermelon Lemonade V2

Simple Watermelon Lemonade v2


This is a very simple, easy to mix, easy to understand, Watermelon Lemonade, that focuses more on the watermelon/fruit notes compared to v1 Made for article: ->


CAP Pink Lemonade     3%FLV Watermelon     2%FLV Wild Melon     1%FA Lemon Sicily     2%OOO Watermelon Candy     0.5%

Total Flavor: 8.5%

Flavor Notes:

FLV Watermelon / Wild Melon: Much like the watermelon base in the previous recipe, we need to keep that same level of Watermelon authenticity. This base can do that. But what’s different with this recipe, are the accompanying flavors. So the OOO Watermelon Candy obviously adds an artificial candy watermelon note, that will surely appease candy-heads. And the Lemonade base we’re using also packs a different type of punch, that’s much more focused on highlighting that specific note.

OOO Watermelon Candy: Like I said before, OOO Watermelon Candy adds a very present candy watermelon note (like what you get with a Watermelon Jolly Rancher), without it being too dry, or medicinal – something that plagues many watermelon vapes. So we’re keeping it very low at 0.5%.

FA Lemon Sicily / CAP Pink Lemonade: This lemonade base is very different from the LA base because, while it still packs a refreshing lemonade flavor, it’s tainted with a bit more fruity sweetness to help bridge the ever-so slightly vibrant candy watermelon we’re now using. Just using LA Lemonade would work out OK, but this slight tweak makes it perfect.


So here we can see two different ways to tackle the same profile, but with the same level of simplicity. What I love about the first recipe is how easy it is to mix…and understand. It just makes sense, and so does the flavor. But what I love about the second recipe is how we were able to fully incorporate both profiles with extreme customizability. We wanted a slightly more candied watermelon, and we bridged it perfectly by using some small, light tweaks. Nonetheless, both recipes will absolutely pack a refreshing punch, and depending on exactly how we feel, we can have a vape that perfectly suits our needs.

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