Recipe Review: Pudding It Is by Demonic_Mixer

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Pudding it is


i've been trying to create the perfect vanilla pudding and i've gone through a ton of different flavours and combinations.Nothing worked so far.Every pudding flavour or vanilla cream combination was missing something or brought notes to the recipe which would take away from the profile. Then it hit me,the solution to all my problems.The revelation..CAP Fucking Sugar cookie! The combination with TPA VBIC gives me the pudding flavour i've been looking for.It sits under the VBIC and gives it some thickness and some distinct sweetness.It also lends some texture to the pudding,which sells it even more.JF Bavarian Cream is just there to close the gap in between those two flavours.TPA Diary/Milk obviously adds some more of a dairy note . You can add some sweetener if you like but i like it just how it is. Enjoy and let me know what you think


CAP Sugar Cookie     3%JF Bavarian Cream     2%TPA Dairy/Milk     1%TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream     4.5%

Total Flavor: 10.5%


The video above I critique Demonic_Mixer’s Vanilla Pudding recipe. In summary, I really do enjoy the recipe’s flavor and the way it vapes. It’s a deliciously rich vanilla cream with light notes of Nilla Wafer bakery on the finish. Unfortunately, it’s just not as accurate as I’d hoped, but that doesn’t affect the joy I get from vaping this!


Like I mentioned above, the recipe just doesn’t scream to me “Vanilla Pudding”. Now, that’s not to say it’s completely inaccurate. I do taste somewhat of a vanilla cream, vanilla dairy recipe, which is quite close to the profile in question. But this shows the difficulty in trying to create those subtle differences. What’s the flavor that separates a Vanilla Pudding to a Vanilla Milkshake? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves when creating our recipes, and unfortunately, I think Demonic was a tad bit off.

3 / 5

Flavor Profile:

Fortunately, the lack in accuracy is saved by how pleasant the flavor of the vape is. First thing I want to state is that I don’t taste any off-notes whatsoever. Nothing is out of place, which is always a pleasure. The top of the vape is where I taste that light, bright vanilla and its sweetness. In the middle is where that milk/cream sits. And then on the finish, I taste a light buttery bakery, similar to a Nilla wafer. The finish is what is keeping me coming back to the recipe. It’s tasty, that’s for sure!

4 / 5

Risk /Innovation

Now, we’ve seen many vanilla custards, puddings, milkshakes, and creams. This is not a particularly surprising recipe and it doesn’t try to do much of anything different. But playing close to home is also difficult, as your recipe needs to be almost perfect for anyone to be intrigued. In this case, I don’t think it’s perfect, but the flavor is just so pleasant, that its close enough to get me to forget that I’ve had this type of recipe dozens of times before.

3.5 / 5

Vape Experience

Finally, we move on to how it vapes. This is a “new”-ish criteria I added, that used to be wrapped up in Flavor Profile. Luckily for Demonic, this recipe vapes splendidly. No off-notes, absolutely no harshness, and no weird aftertaste. The best part about the vape, is how velvety the vape is. It’s like exhaling a velvety pillow. I love this type of mouthfeel, so I have to rate it highly. I would love to see just a bit more texture in the mix, but its very similar to a pudding profile

4.5 / 5

Total Score

Overall I do enjoy this recipe. I think it’s slightly above average, and I think anyone who’s looking for a simple, rich, and velvety vanilla vape, will find this recipe perfectly acceptable. While I’d like to see a bit more in terms of accuracy – trying to find that “pudding” note ¬†and while I think it could try to take a few risks – it’s still a solid vape that I’m sure many will enjoy.

3.75 / 5



  1. I have to wonder, that he spelled “Flavour” that maybe it’s not sposed to be the American pudding that we might be used to that he was going for.. Gonna mix this one up..

  2. For me the perfect Pudding flavour already exsists , maybe im from Europe in italy and American pudding is something else…
    Serching and mixing different puddings never was spot on …but finaly i find the perfect one for me, its Vape Train Australia Pudding Base!

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