Noted: Ep. 56 – Pear

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FA Pear If you only own one pear, it should be this one. It is super versatile but it will require help. It’s a good tool to use for a pear recipe. It’s juicy, crisp, and bright all in single flavor. In a mix it kind of gets lost. Works really well with apples  .75-2 03 
MB Shape Up Pear! One hell of a great pear, its crisp, sweet, juicy, tastes bold by itself. Has a lot of apple like texture in the body. Just a hint of earthy realism. Very well balanced and smooth 4 07 
German Flavors Pear Model glue taste with a slight candied pear in there as well. Has a slight cooling effect 6 10 
German Flavors Pear Yogurt Unvape-able.  8 12 
INW Pear Has been re-formulated **Confirmed**  15 
WF Ripe Pear Might hide in a mix or need another pear to be a “pear forward recipe”. Soft enough to get turned into a cooked pear. It’s really good, no off notes. Really nice texture. Missing the crispness of a fresh pear, more like a softer pear 2-3 18 
FW Pear Meh. Tastes like a pear, not the sweetest or the most full bodied. It’s just a middle of the road non standout pear. 3 21 
DL Pear A little bit harsh in the beginning. The flavor on it is a very good pear. It’s pretty smooth, nice body to it, tastes more like a pear candy and its forward to the mix. 5 22 
TFA Pear Needs a steep of a few days otherwise it’s a little harsh. Bold, earthy, stands up in a mix. It’s a really good supporting pear as well for instance for FA Pear. Has a slight floral edge on it,  4 26 
CAP Pear w/ Stevia A lot of sweetness, following a bitter aftertaste. Very earthy pear skin note. But a ton of sweetness 2-4 30 
TFA Pear Candy Sweet, candy, bright, the pear flavor is soft and lacking. Slight plastic taste, not a ton of flavor 2-3 35 
SC Pear A pear candy, very candy. Tastes like a pear jolly rancher. Very sweet and even has a hard candy flavor to it 5 38 
LA Pear Candy pear – meh 3 40 
FLV Pear Has really good body, but it is Rancid. Has great texture though 1 42 
OOO Pear (Juicy) Dry, kind of gritty, mostly tastes like a natural pear, more like a yellow pear. Weird green banana note on top of it 3 48 
VT Pear Really funky over ripe pear, very sweet, a little juicy. Very mushy with a strong hint of an over ripe banana flavor in the beginning. Finishes with an over ripe pear 8 51 
TFA Quince Helps bolster the flavor of pear, provides similar tartness to an apple. Slight banana note towards the bottom tastes like a good mixture of pear and apple. <1 57 
WF Quince Jelly Really nice smooth texture, sweet, has a nice floral note to it. Has a bit of an earthy edge 1 60 


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