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  1. Hey Wayne, love what you do and I love nicotine but I think you might need to reign in your pro-nicotine views (re: comments at 08:32 on nicotine). I totally agree about the cognitive benefits and I always come back to my desk sharper and clearer after my nicotine hit but…

    There is decent research that nicotine can lead to hardened arteries and raised blood pressure (source:

    Also it can lead to receding gums from reduced blood flow (source:

    Personally speaking, after 25 years of cigarettes from age 9 to 34 when I switched to vaping I’ve seen my lung capacity sky rocket all by itself, and then with regular training I ran a half marathon (13 miles) last year – all thanks to vaping. However, my gums are still receding at the same rate as when I smoked and my blood pressure is still at pre-hyper tension levels. I’ll never go back to smoking, so go vaping for the win, but I’ve resolved to quit nicotine after my litre of 72mg nicotine runs out.

    I really like what you’ve done for me and thousands others but I think there is enough science to imply that nicotine in vapes isn’t consequence-free or a long-term lifestyle choice so I’d love to see what you could do with a message for winding down our nicotine levels. Sucks to be a downer but maybe look in to those points.

    Vape on brother x

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