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The forums are coming back! This time, a bit differently. Initially, the DIYorDIE Forums were a place where users could upload their recipes, flavor notes, and questions. The problem being, there wasn’t much activity in them, and not much of a goal set. Not only that, but I never did a good job of promoting them. I decided to remove them and just use the DIYorDIE Mixer’s Collective Facebook Group as a place for the “forums”.

But today, they come back. Facebook is a terrible place for “informative” posts. Its search function is almost completely useless, and there’s no good way to view content in categories. So I decided to bring the forum back, but this time, actually promote its use and employ some nice moderation.

Once you click on the link, you can see the different sections. One for recipe development, clone requests (one main reason I wanted the forum), and flavoring reviews and notes. This will hopefully allow more people to find the information their looking for, quicker, and discuss the things they want to discuss, in the appropriate places.

Make sure to sign up for the forum, read its rules, and get posting!


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