Grapefruit; Grapefruit Peach Passion DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Sharp Citrus

In the video above I talk about two of the Grapefruit flavorings I love using in my recipes. Grapefruit is a great flavoring to add to recipes to add a sharp, slightly bitter, citrus note that helps freshen things up and add some extra brightness to a mix. So if you need something refreshing in your mix, try adding some Grapefruit. Unfortunately, grapefruit really only works in candies, fruits, and beverages. So bakery and dessert heads might wanna look elsewhere

INW White Grapefruit Flavor Book Entry

Grapefruit Peach Passion Recipe

Grapefruit Peach Passion (Flavorbook Entry Recipe)


This is a citrusy and floral fruit cocktail with Grapefruit, Peach, Hibiscus, and Passion fruit. Made for Flavor Book entry "INW WHITE GRAPEFRUIT" -> (NOTE: All Flavorbook Entry recipes are meant to showcase a specific flavoring, and aren't recipes based upon final profiles)


CAP Grapefruit     3%CAP Hibiscus     2%FLV Passion Fruit     1%FA Peach White     1%INW White Grapefruit     2%

Total Flavor: 9%

INW White Grapefruit: Now in this recipe, I wanted to really show how well White Grapefruit works at adding brightness and refreshing properties to a recipe. I’m using it here at 2%, and I could easily turn it up some more, but I find 2% is perfect to add that sharp grapefruit note without too much watering down.

CAP Grapefruit: I wanted to add a bit more presence to the grapefruit, so instead of turning up the INW (which like I said, would add a bit more “water) adding in 3% of CAP’s flavor does the job perfectly. It’ll also help sweeten the grapefruit note and bridge the other flavors.

FA White Peach: This is used to add some dimension to the recipe. I like pairing up White Peach with bright citruses, so this was perfect. 1% is all that’s needed in my opinion.

CAP Hibiscus: At 2%, this flavoring adds that interesting floral note, without it being too fragrant and off-putting. Especially when paired with Grapefruit, it adds a lot of character to the recipe.

FLV Passionfruit: And to finish off the recipe I wanted to add some passion fruit, where FLV fits the bill nicely. Pairing up grapefruit with this nice floral compliments eachother very well, and 1% is more than enough.



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