Noted: Ep. 54 – Menthol & Cooling Agents

Iced Out

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
CAP Menthol  Fairly weak menthol, moderately mint flavor  1.5  5 
DL Ice Mint  Mint forward, fairly cool, not super cool or harsh, almost like a refreshing cool mint like a white tic tac  1.5  10 
FLV Cool Menthol  Cold without tasting too medicinal or too chemical.   .5-1  14 
FW Extreme Ice  Stronger side of menthol, it is more minty than most, its cold, can be harder to work with because of the other mint flavors involved with it    17 
FA Artic Winter  Menthol, slight other mint note perhaps a spearmint, not super cold, but comes across as a toothpaste    20 
TFA Menthol  Menthol, doesn’t stand out much. Its strong but has no extra flavor notes besides the menthol    24 
LB Menthol  Very useable, forgiving menthol. Distinct menthol taste, but a little softer. Nothing but menthol and pg notes to it. Smooth blend  1  27 
DL Ice Original  Has a slight flavor to it, not very cool, has an ability to water down a recipe a bit. Very mellow  1.5  33 
FLV Ice  Similar to koolada, no cardboard or chemical flavor with it. Subtle cooling  .5-1  37 
FA Polar Blast  All exhale cooling, missing the lingering menthol cooling effect.   .5-2  40 
FW Koolada  Great for cooling without the menthol effect added in, some people get a “cardboard note” with it at higher %’s   .5-1  46 
WS-23  All around cooling, less off notes than koolada. Can be used with creams sparingly  .5  50 
WS-5  Sharper more tactile bite up front, very concentrated, can taste like salt or rocks at higher %’s. coolness gets stronger with a steep  .25  52 
INW Eucalyptus Mints  Very refreshing, a lot of people swear by it as a sf to vape when you are sick  3  57 
VT Eucalyptus Robusto  Very strong flavor of eucalyptus without being super cold or cool    62 


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