Noted: Ep. 53 – Watermelon

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
DOD Watermelone Has great watermelon texture, slight apple note, natural, juicy, pulpy, tarted up by the apple a bit,  10 7 
TFA Watermelon Middle of the road, artificial watermelon flavor, fairly thin, good as a supporting watermelon but not stand alone. Its thin without being dry which is a plus  16 
TFA Watermelon Candy Slightly harsh, artificial, candied watermelon 2 18 
FW Watermelon Candy Tastes like watered down, watermelon snow cone syrup. Loses some sweetness to the watered down aspect of it. Has a decent watermelon candy flavor without much of an offnote. 4-5 22 
FW watermelon Hairspray or nail polish remover. Very floral and off. chemical  24 
Cap sweet watermelon Vibrant, has body, has a stronger taste. Like watermelon koolaid, has the ability to stand up in a mix without being pushed around too much 3-4 27 
Cap double watermelon Slight apple note, its fleshy juicy and wet, more natural than candy and yet not a fresh watermelon either. Has a slight rind note in there. Would work great as a layering for watermelon flavors  31 
FA Red Summer Freeze dried astronaut watermelon. It’s very dry. The flavor is nince and top heavy and would cut through some other flavors. Sweet and slight astringincy 3-5 35 
OOO Fresh watermelon Slight nail polish vibe, a bite that shouldn’t be there, very acidic.  5 38 
JF watermelon Watermelon runs towards the realistic end of the spectrum. Has a really thick and oddly creamy texture. Akin to a watermelon starburst like flavor. Slight vanilla note in it. Almost like watermelon mixed with vanilla swirl (not unpleasant but odd). thick 3 39 
RF watermelon taffy Might need to steep, has a creamy base without the feel of it, its thinner and not as sweet. The top watermelon is floral. 3 43 
One drop Watermelon Not a watermelon at all. Could be a floral cucumber. trash  46 
Pur watermelon Vibrant sweet, shows up, great candied watermelon. Has some real watermelon flavor in it so its fighting with itself a lot as it tastes like both a candy and a real watermelon, not very thick 3-4 47 
La watermelon Very jolly rancher esque. Has some richness, sweet but not sugary sweet. Slight harsh note, not great off the shake 5-6 50 
WF Sour watermelon candy Tastes like a sour watermelon candy, thin comes off as a little bit astringent. Slight chemical note 4 55 
Ooo watermelon candy rocks (fizz) Pretty interesting, like watermelon pop rocks, not fizzy. Has a powdery sugar thing going on. Very candy watermelon 6 59 
Rf sc watermelon Slightly over riped watermelon, really smooth, has a juicy wet body without a thickness. Like juice from a slightly ripe watermelon  62 
Flv watermelon Right away it’s a candy watermelon, but there is a rind note with it. So it’s very confusing as far as a profile goes.  1-3 68 
Vt watermelon Kind of boozy, like watermelon pucker without the sour. Might need to steep out. Very floral at 2% no floral at 6% 6 73 
Hs watermelon Hairspray vibe, not good, tastes like rose candy or sweetened rose water 2 77 
INW Watermelon More of a real watermelon @1% it’s a real watermelon. Light and mild and natural @3% full on watermelon candy flavor with tartness like a jolly rancher 1-3 81 
MB Big watermelon Candied, vibrant, in your face, richness to it. Really good but is a bit weaker  8 86 
DL watermelon Interesting, decent watermelon, underneath it comes across as a slight spearmint note possibly trying to put a rind in it. Comes off as very fresh 5 88 



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