San Francisco Bans Flavors in Vapes

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The Flavor Ban in San Fran

In the video above, I talk about how the voters in San Francisco voted to ban flavored tobacco products, which will include vaping products and e-liquids. In a vote for Prop-E, 68% favored the ban. According to the New York Times article

“We believe the success of Proposition E will encourage other cities to follow suit and end the sale of candy-flavored tobacco before nicotine addiction claims a new generation of young people,” said Dr. Melissa Welch, a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association

This statement from the AHA, a known opponent of the vaping industry, is quite scary. They know the power they have, and they understand that other states will follow suit. These corrupt “scientists” funded by the Big Pharma industry completely understand what they’re doing, and the fact that voters believe them, is frightening.

So what does this mean for vapers in San Fran? Well basically, they will need to get their vapor products from out of state, or learn to mix. What this really affects is the San Fran vaping industry. Not only does this affect the owners of these companies, but the hundreds of employees as well. And that’s not to mention the negative effect it has on the smoking population there. Except to see many more cigarette butts on the ground in San Fran than before. What a shame.

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