Noted: Ep. 52 – Honeydew

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
CAP Honeydew Slightly under ripe, lacking the sweetness and is sort of candy-like and artificial. Not very juicy more along the lines of a syrup with a slight apple or pear off note. Lacking flavor without being thin 3 58 
FLV Wild Melon Mostly honeydew, some other melons perhaps a cantaloupe in the background, with a very small amount of watermelon, sweet, natural, has some body. And it ticks all the boxes for a good melon vape. It’s very juicy and refreshing  04 
DL Honeydew Fairly linear, good quality, has a smooth flavor, first taste is sweet honeydew (fairly ripe), very smooth with no harshness to it. Medium body, doesn’t feel thin or watery as it’s a bit creamy as it is smooth 5 14 
FE Migua Honeydew Very interesting, very sweet candy honeydew flavor, not very juicy. A ton of honeydew up front in a candy artificial way, the second half is a heavy sticky dense feeling akin to syrup and hard candy and it is super sweet 2 17 
FW Honeydew Very nail polish remover like at % between 1-3  21 
JF Honeydew Really nice, checks all the boxes, its smooth, its sweet, its juicy and it’s not candied. Fades after a steep, but can still work 2-3 27 
LB Honeydew Sweet, almost a single flavor honeydew cream, very creamy sweet, artificial honeydew, a touch “sharp” 6 36 
PUR Melon Patch Mostly cantaloupe, has a bit of a savory musky note that is not good. Like a “melon burp”  42 
TFA Honeydew Super good, but very potent, on the candied side, syrupy, vibrant, if you go higher than 1% you are going to start getting a floral or soapy note with it. Will linger on your coils and wicks <2 44 
TFA Honeydew II Very mellow, tastes like a less vibrant honeydew especially in comparison to TFA Honeydew, sweet, juicy, bold, but not very aggressive  2 60 
VT Honeydew Delightful after a steep of 3-4 days, natural yet sweet, real honeydew. Very authentic and juicy, good body, full mouthful. Pretty vibrant 2 70 
WF Ripe Galia Melon “like a butthole” very sweet, kind of dry, extremely ripe 2 75 


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