Strawberry Kiwi Cucumber Lemonade #LetsMix

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CAPSweet Strawberry4%
CAPJuicy Lemon2%
CAPLemon Sicily4%
STEEPShortShake & Vape

This recipe was created for Memorial Day BBQ’s, and summertime extravaganza by the pool or the beach. It’s meant to be paired with summertime fruits and cut through fatty foods, splashing your face-hole with sweet strawberry, juicy kiwi, refreshing cucumber, and lemonade. The recipe is also all Capella for no reason other than simplicity’s sake. It’s also a very forgiving recipe, so feel free to sub out any ingredients for ones you find better. Just keep the overall feeling of the recipe the same. By the way, if you’re in need of a nice cocktail like vape for Memorial Day or other summer festivities, check out these well known delicious recipes.

Flavor Notes

CAP Sweet Strawberry – In this recipe the strawberry isn’t too prominent. I wanted to focus more on all the flavorings together as opposed to one single flavor standing out. While the Strawberry is the main note, it’s still quite subdued in the recipe. 4% is perfect as it is present enough, but not over powering, especially after a steep.

CAP Kiwi – I’m using Capella’s Kiwi in this mainly to keep it an entire Capella recipe, and no other reason. I do find FW and FA Kiwi to be a much better kiwi, but that’s not to say CAP Kiwi is bad. It’s perfectly usable and in this recipe at 2% it’s just enough to add that unique sweetness to the recipe, without being too potent. It also helps lift the cucumber up without taking anything away from it.

CAP Cucumber: This ingredient is excellent, and in my opinion, the best cucumber to use. It’s so fresh and juicy, and at 2%, it adds a splash of cucumber freshness to the mix. At first I was afraid it wasn’t strong enough to hold up in the recipe, but it surely is, so no worries there. Feel free to increase or decrease depending on how much cucumber you want in the mix.

CAP Juicy Lemon / Lemon Sicily: This is the lemonade base I’m using in the recipe. I’m using 4% of Lemon Sicily in this recipe as to me, it’s the perfect lemonade. Again though, FA’s Lemon Sicily is probably better, but for sake of simplicity, CAP’s is perfectly usable. I need 4% because I need a nice juicy citrus base to sit on. 2% of CAP Juicy Lemon just helps add a bit more to the experience, while also giving a touch more of a candy lemon flavor to the mix.


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