Orange Starburst (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

This recipe was made specifically with TFA Orange Mandarin in mind. I was testing out some use cases for it for the FlavorBook, and came across an interesting pairing that reminded me much of those chewy fruit candies we all know and love. It’s a very simple recipe, with a very simple flavor profile. But nonetheless, it’s delicious, easy to vape, great for the summer, and perfect for those candy heads out there.

TFAOrange Mandarin5%
CAPJuicy Orange4%
CAPJelly Candy1%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%
STEEPShort2 Days

Flavor Notes

TFA Orange Mandarin: In this recipe, I’m going for an orange starburst, orange candy chew, type flavor. With these candies, the top note isn’t just “orange”. Because it’s a candy, there’s a certain type of sweetness that is infused in “orange” flavorings that you don’t get from a natural orange. To me, TFA Orange Mandarin does a great job of adding that specific note. At 5% it’s present, and bright, but not too forward or powerful. I want the other two flavorings to really take care of the foundation.

CAP Juicy Orange: This is used to help add that traditional orange flavor to the body. I’m using it a bit lower than I normally would in this situation, because I want just enough to maintain in the recipe. Any lower, and it’s not present. Any higher, and it takes over the TFA Orange Mandarin

CAP Jelly Candy: Luckily, when I made this recipe, I found out this flavoring combined with TFA Orange Mandarin, not only works, but provides a great orange chewy candy flavor. All you need is 1% to provide this note, and it changes the flavor of the entire mix completely. Without it, all you taste is orange/mandarin. With it, you taste orange starburst.

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