Reds Apple Ejuice Clone (REMIX)

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CAPFuji Apple5%
CAPDouble Apple3%
INWTwo Apples1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

Red’s Apple Ejuice, made by 7 Daze LLC, is a vey simple, yet very bright and vivid, red apple e-liquid, with light notes of tart green apple.

Flavor Notes:

CAP Fuji AppleIn the original, I mainly taste Fuji apple. Now between CAP’s and FA’s, both of which similar, yet slightly different in their own ways, I chose CAP’s version because of its lighter nature and it’s ability to take on other flavors better. FA Fuji is a bit too potent and strong. But this is the main note of the recipe, and it also brings much of the sweetness from that bright top note. I’m using it at 5% because I want every bit of this flavoring to be in this recipe. Any lower and it’s a bit too light, and any higher and it’s a bit too strong.

CAP Double Apple: One of my favorite apple ingredients, mainly because of its body and texture. To me, apple recipes aren’t complete if they don’t have that “mealy” like flesh that real apples have. That slightly gritty feeling really helps drive home the flavor. In this recipe, it adds not only that, but also a certain freshness that really brings the whole experience together. At 3% you get all of that, without influencing the Fuji too much.

INW Two Apples: Finally, we have Two Apples. To me, there’s a slight Green Apple flavor to the original e-liquid. It’s present and definitely adds a bold tartness to the mix, but it doesn’t drive away the red apple top notes. That’s why I’m using INW’s Two Apples here. The flavoring by itself, is a mix between red and green apple, and I want just a small amount of green apple here, without distracting away from the red apple. At 1.5%, it does that job perfectly.

If you mix this up, feel free to leave your comments or reviews below. And if you have suggestions on the recipe, recommendations, or maybe a better recipe all together, feel free to post down in the comments!


  1. Best apple vape I’ve ever tried, no joke. If you’re into apples, don’t let this one pass you by, just mix it !!! Many thx Wayne :)

  2. it smells really good, but i was unable to smoke since it burns my throat like hell. i need help what do you think i did wrong. i havent smoked any thing lower then 70-30 do you think thats the reason? someone please help me

    ps: im new to diy mixing

    • Hi my friend,
      Well i see you somehow confused here, first we vape we dont smoke any more so thats vapor not smoke.
      There are so many reasons of why u getting the throat hit, what nicotine you using? which company? what level?
      what PG you using?
      you got the flavor concentrate recently or are they old?
      If your nicotine is harsh it can be either a bad patch or you didn’t shake it well before you use it or maybe it kept in sun light for long.
      if the PG try to change and get from somewhere else.
      Check the flavors are you storing them in a cool dark place?
      Try to look for these things

      • i found out what i did wrong. thanks though
        you know what i meant i wont be coming to a ejuice diy website taking about cigarettes, and no I’m not somehow confused.

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