Noted: Ep. 50 – VANILLA


For the shows 50th show, the Noted crew tackle VANILLA

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
TFA Vanilla Swirl  Straight up vanillin note, great body. Very smooth, helps round out a recipe, small hint of vanilla, extremely versatile  .5-4  5 
INW Shisha Vanilla  Nice rich vanilla, really creamy, a little bit of a spice note. Like a pudding pop vanilla, has some depth and body to it. A darker syrupy sweetness to it  1  11 
WF Vanilla Cream Extra  Slight malti-ness, rich vanilla, a gentle vanilla, that might not be as much of a bully in a recipe  2  16 
DFS Holy Vanilla  Dark and spicy, creamy, but not super thick, very rich without being thick. Doesn’t scream artificial and tastes like vanilla, slight bakery malit-ness to it    19 
CAP French Vanilla  Stands out in a mix, like drinking French vanilla coffee creamer, deep full body capella vanilla, has an underlying sweetness. The vanilla is very artificial tasting but also has a lot of depth to it  .5-2  22 
FA Madagascar  Weaker vanilla extract flavor, middle of the road sweetish vanilla, very thin without being dry    28 
FA Vanilla Bourbon  Darker, spicier, no body, but works when you need some spiciness from your vanilla. Has an earthy element to it    29 
TFA French Vanilla  Bright vanilla, very artificial, like a candy and not right. Has a caramel sweetness and sort of tastes like a marshmallow. Would work better in a candy recipe where the sweetness wouldn’t stand out  <2  33 
TFA Vanillin  Doesn’t have any of the creamier or thickness to it, but it is a solid vanilla without messing with other creams    35 
DL Sweet Vanillin  Light generic vanilla, leans along the lines of a frosting    37 
TFA French Vanilla Cream  Rich, French vanilla with a slight body. Missing the richness and is lacking. Smooth, like heavy cream like a coating. Hint of a dairy tang    38 
TFA Vanilla Tahity  There is an almond flavor mixed in with some cherry and vanilla. Reminds you of amaretto or marzipan  <1  39 
FLV Vanilla Bean  Very light on flavor, a deep dark vanilla with a slight spice but no body and it’s definitely a weaker flavor    42 
WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream  Light sweet frosting vanilla, decent mouthfeel. Subtle amount of sucralose in it, very flavorful vanilla  3  45 
TFA French Vanilla Deluxe  Really dark, spicy vanilla, really heavy cream without any sort of eggy custard, very buttery, very bold and strong and silky smooth    48 
INW Vanilla Cream  **Discontinued Possibly** floral, reminder that vanilla comes from an orchid, a hint of coconut cream, but a bit odd  1-2  51 
FLV Smooth Vanilla  Light, fruity vanilla, slight almonds and cherry note to it. Extremely potent flavor  .25  54 
TFA Vanilla Bourbon  **Possibly Discontinued** Tastes like vanilla extract    58 
TFA Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon  Not a great flavor, on the weaker side and dry with a vanilla marshmallow  <2  60 
CAP Simply Vanilla  Bright, really bright, almost loud, very artificial and right up front very sweet the base is thin and it is very candied  2  60 
VT Vanilla Cream  Deep, rich vanilla, really good body, lots of volume to it, similar to vanilla swirl with some added dryness to it but not a problem area, rich buttery note, very forgiving even all the way up at 8%  4-8  63 
VT Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting  Very full flavor, very rich and buttery. The vanilla is very good like their Vanilla Cream, very complex    66 
HS Vanilla  Very lacking, the vanilla doesn’t taste like it would stand out in a mix, just not as good as INW Shisha Vanilla  1  68 
INW Bourbon Vanilla  Vanilla marshmallow    70 
INW Vanilla Concentrate  Tastes like vanilla malt, dark vanilla, little bit creamy and smooth  .75-1.5  71 
INW Vanilla Classic  Bright vanilla, artificial, jammy fruitiness, has the texture of whipped cream    74 
JF Vanilla  Oddly dark, cherry frutiness, a bit floral, not creamy, kind of watery and thin    76 
One Drop Vanilla  Weird, carnation instant breakfast vanilla, with a slight bread note  5  79 
DL French Vanilla  Middle of the road French vanilla  5  83 
NN Patchouli Vanilla  Tastes like a vanilla Italian soda, really good vanilla    86 



  1. The list of flavors and the times they are in the stream is something I was gonna suggest before,Thanks so much for doing this I went through so many past one’s to listen for specific flavors,and it was quite a task.

  2. I have used different type of vanilla . but not getting the boldness of vanilla in my juice like other commercial juice of vanilla profile. plz suggest how to get that

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