How to Get Thick E-liquid? #Quicktips

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Thicc Boi

In the video above, I answer a question from Bazz, in which he asks about why his e-liquids aren’t as thick and rich? I explain things like how he needs to make sure he’s using an RDA or Vaping setup that’s meant for flavor, and not for cloudchasing. I also talk about how he needs to make sure to use flavorings that are thick in nature, like CAP Custard, or HS French Vanilla Ice Cream, and also keep those recipes simple. I go into how over-flavoring his recipes can give them the opposite effect of what he’s looking for. And I talk about steeping, and the large part it plays in thickness.

Make sure to leave your comments on this video below if you have any follow up questions or concerns. Also, feel free to send emails to [email protected] with your DIY E-liquid Mixing questions, to get them answered on the channel!

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