Kendo Gold vs Cotton Bacon V2

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So comparing these two cottons has proven interesting. The first criteria is no surprise though. So I’ve been using Cotton Bacon v2 for quite some time now, and the reason I keep coming back is its usability. It’s just so easy to use. It comes in nice strips, where the Kendo comes in this long, continuous, rope of Cotton. Not to mention, the Bacon seems to be a bit more “fibrous”, or strong. The Kendo seemed to rip and break a bit more easily than the Bacon. The Bacon was also a bit more pliable, which makes it easy to stuff into your RDA/RTA’s. And lastly, the biggest con for me with the Kendo, was that it did not want to suck in the juice unless it was heated or “warmed”. It repels the juice, making it take even longer to fully saturate. This isn’t an issue once broken in.

Usability: Cotton Bacon v2


Now with any cotton, you just want it to hold your juice, and do nothing more. You absolutely don’t want it to have any flavor. For the most part, after broken in, both cottons seem to be flavorless. The issue is break in. This is when you have a fresh wick. The Bacon had absolutely no flavor break in, which is awesome. This means you can wick and go, and not worry about nasty cotton hits. But it did provide a slight “thump” to the back of the throat. This went away rather quickly, but it needs to be stated. The Kendo absolutely had some flavor break in. The cotton flavor wasn’t as bad as other cottons *cough* cottonman *cough*. But it certainly was present. That said, it was a bit more smooth at the start. The break in took about one fully dried wick to get rid of. So if you use Kendo Gold, I recommend at least dripping it, then vaping it completely dry, then re-dripping, and you should be good.

Flavor: Cotton Bacon v2


Lastly, in the performance area, I’ve never once had an issue with Bacon. It seems to hold up really well, and wicks beautifully. I find the wicking performance between the two to be similar. That said, the Kendo seems to perform much better under higher temps and higher power levels. If you’re someone who likes a lot of heat and wattage, give the Kendo a try. It seems to perform ever so slightly better. But that’s not to say the Bacon was bad. On the contrary, it performs just as expected, making it reliable.

Performance: Kendo Gold


Finally, I have to recommend the Cotton Bacon V2. It’s extremely easy to use, sucks juice right up during the start, and is pliable making it super easy to fold into whatever configuration you need. It also produces no break-in whatsoever, which is excellent. This means as soon as you wick, you can enjoy the flavors of your juice. It performs great, wicking juice to your coil as quickly as it needs to, maintaining a nice saturated hit every time. And it’s also extremely easy to get, sold at so many vape shops worldwide. The Kendo Gold is good. It’s just needs a bit more work to get it going. That said, it seems to perform ever so slightly better than the Bacon once it’s fully broken in and at higher temps and wattages. So cloudchasers might want to check it out.


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