Noted: Ep. 49 – Cinnamon Pastries

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Flavor Name Notes % Time (min) 
OOO Cinnamon Churro It’s weird, the cinnamon note is very metallic and sharp tasting, almost sour, slight crispy bakery in the background. 4 3 
CAP Churro Mild cinnamon, heavy on the playdoh  5 
FW Churro Chemical funky off note to it, weird stale off note, harsh throat hit even though the cinnamon is not that strong 2-3 7 
LB Snickerdoodle Nice thick bakery note, sweet cinnamon note, like sugar cookie dough with crunched up red hots. It’s not a bakery cinnamon it’s more of a candy cinnamon 7-10 11 
TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Slight “scratchy or dry” note with the cinnamon, the sugar cookie underneath the cinnamon is like a generic bakery but that might help it work in more recipes 3 14 
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl Very cinnamon forward, with a sour metallic vibe to it. Good used down low or up high, and the texture is almost too snappy for a cinnamon roll but that lends itself to being very versatile  18 
TFA Cinnamon Danish  Funky stale, moldy note, not much bakery in it and the cinnamon note is odd. Tastes like toast with cinnamon and penny shavings on it  20 
LB Baker’s Touch Pretty much a one shot. Not enough separation but the bakery cinnamon is good, it’s up front and forward, kind of powdery like cinnamon sugar, its def a moist cake 7-9 23 
CAP Cinnamon Danish V2 The cinnamon is a little sour, the bakery note is off, but full. Not a whole lot of change from the version 1  27 
TFA Cinnamon Danish DX Nice creamy smooth, the cinnamon is not very good but yet not awful. It is preferred over the original TFA Cinnamon Danish  27 
FW Cinnamon Roll Has a nice balance to it with the breadiness of the roll and the cinnamon. The cinnamon comes off as a deep cinnabon type cinnamon 4 28 
LB Baked Cinnamon Roll Very bready, almost too yeasty, dry, has a “vomit” off note which could be from the raisin note 5 31 
FW Cinnamon Caramel Roll Tastes like their cinnamon roll plus some really nice gooey caramel. The caramel tamps down the cinnamon a bit. Is very busy 5 34 
FLV Cinnamon Roll Thin, creamy, and the cinnamon is very underwhelming   37 
RF Cinnamon Roll Cinnamon Danish flavored cotton candy, very thin and airy  39 
FW Reindeer Poop A bit chalky and powdery on the chocolate, the cinnamon is very mild, and its very sweet. It melds together into an unpleasant mix of flavors. Very dark as well 5 41 
WF Cinnamon Pastry Tastes like a little debbies cinnamon powdered donut. The texture really represents that bakery note that people are looking for  45 
DL Cinnamon Bun Sweet, failry authentic, the bakery note comes through prominently. Has some give to it, won’t be a bully in a mix 3 47 
CAP Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble The cinnamon was like red hots, and the blueberry was very candied, with no real crumble to it  48 
RF Cinnamon Donut Thin, vague sweetness with a light spice note to it. No texture, no bakery 5 53 
RF Cinnamon Custard Dark, weird sweetness, not super spicey but has a bit more cinnamon than the other ones. The custard is thin with a slight eggy cream mouthfeel to it 5 54 


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