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I’m not the biggest tea fan. I’m more of a coffee guy. But there was a time (when I was one of those “vegans”) where all I drank were expensive, natural, loose leaf teas. But this was not really something I looked for in vaping. Maybe because I haven’t found any that I enjoyed. So in the spirit of DIY, I made myself a black iced tea base that could be used anytime I wanted some nice refreshing steeped leaves. Now this recipe base is for a sweet black iced tea. I made it to be authentic, and contain an earthy tea note, something like a homemade fresh iced tea, as opposed to those powdered iced tea mixes you’d use for a lemonade stand. But I still wanted a nice bright sweetness to it, to help add to the vape experience. And I think I did a pretty good job of creating something that’s great on its own, but even better when paired up with fruits and flavors you like.

TFASweet Tea6%
FLVBlack Tea0.5%
CAPJuicy Lemon3%

Flavor Notes

TFA Sweet Tea: This is the main component of this flavor base. I’m not the biggest fan of TFA Sweet Tea for a variety of reasons. It’s a bit aromatic, and to me, it doesn’t really pack the exact type of tea note I’m looking for. That’s ok, because we can tweak that. What I really need is the sweetness that TFA Sweet Tea provides. It’s just the right type of “tea sweetness” that I exploit. It’s a weak flavoring so 6% is just enough.

FLV Black Tea: This is the flavoring that provides the actual tea note that I’m looking for. It’s a very earthy and aromatic tea flavoring that really provides a vivid black tea leaf profile. This will help bend that Sweet Tea to something I want. These two flavorings alone create an unsweetened iced tea like flavor which is pretty good on its own, but I want to add a bit more to help turn it into something more bright, sweet, and easy to vape.

CAP Juicy Lemon: And this is where Juicy Lemon comes into play. At 3% this flavoring packs enough lemon flavor to really turn that Sweet Tea sweetness up, without distracting too much from that aromatic black tea note. It’s a bit heavy handed at first, but after a steep it subsides and really settles into the mix, creating a great sweet iced tea base, with an authentic black tea note lingering in the vape.

FLV Sweetness: Finally, sweetener. If you enjoy “Sweet” tea, then you’ll want to add some sweetener. It just turns this vape into something much more recognizable, and helps the off-notes that might come from the black tea. To me just 0.5% is enough, but feel free to use as much or as little as you want.

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  1. I watched your video on this recipe and instantly got excited and had to order the flavors to make it. After making it I realized that you were not kidding about the strength of the black tea being a very earthy flavor. For my taste it is very over powering. I had to cut it back to .25% I tried to add some wild berry to a batch and I find I like it much better with just the lemon flavor. This is why I like DIY. Every ones tastes are different and you can make the flavors to your own liking. Thank you so much for all your guidance.


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