My Coil Build for Flavor

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Reference Flavor

Sound is something I allude a lot to in DIYorDIE. Find that sound and aroma both are very in tune with each other. So what “Reference Flavor” is, is very similar to “Reference Audio”. In the headphone / speaker world, there’s this thing called reference sound. It basically means that the headphones or speakers produce a sound that is exactly like what the source material calls for. There is no coloration to the treble or bass, it’s all very flat in response. I see RDA’s as the headphones of vaping. When making recipes, I don’t want my RDA to give more more treble, or top notes, and I don’t want it giving me more bass, or base notes. I want it to taste exactly what it’s meant to taste like. This way I can make tweaks to it, and know what it’ll essentially taste like in every device. For that I need a “Reference RDA/RTA”.

The Psyclone Mods

This is an older list where I talked about my top 5 flavor atomizers.┬áMuch of it still stands true to this day, but right now, my most used RDA is my Entheon. Mainly because it has that reference flavor, it’s got a great draw, and it doesn’t leak as much as the Hadaly does for me. But the Hadaly is just a smidge better in terms of that “reference flavor”.

The Build

For the build, I normally go with one fused clapton. The diameter of the wires usually change depending on who I’m buying them from (I don’t make my own coils, I’m not that good at it). But normally the outer wire is around 36g and the inner 24/26g. They are both usually Kanthal, but can be of any other material the builder decides. What’s important for me is that it ramps up nice and quick. I like building to around 0.2-0.3ohms. A bit lower if I’m going straight mechanical. And I usually can get that in about 4 – 5 wraps. This build gives me that “reference” flavor, but also gives me a very saturated or “loud” vape, which I personally enjoy.

The Cotton

Last is the cotton. Cotton is very important as it’s the container your juice sits in. You want it untainted, and you don’t want it filled with anything that will affect flavor. I used to use this Cottonman cotton that was filled with oils and just overall changed the flavor of any recipes I put in it. No more. I now strictly use Cotton Bacon because it’s so clean, and to me, has absolutely no break in. If there is a break in, then it’s extremely minimal. I also recommend Shiseido from Sephora. I used that for years, as its cheap and easy to get if you can’t get Bacon. But just go with bacon.

And that’s it. That’s my goto build right now. It may change in the future, but to be honest, I think this is end game for me. I don’t think I could get any better “reference flavor” than I can right now. I will look, but I’m almost certain this is the build I’ll be using for the rest of time.


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