If YouTube Shuts Me Down…

Can’t Take Us Down

So right now, everyone in vaping on YouTube is pretty much afraid of losing years and years of work, at the swipe of a finger. Thanks to a post made by @KimmyVapes, we found out her channel received a community strike (which revokes her livestreaming capabilities for 3 months) and must appeal the strike in order to continue business as usual.

This is scaring reviewers everywhere in thinking that at anytime, YouTube to take down years of blood sweat and tears, just because of an erroneous algorithm and some ridiculous policies. So what many are doing is uploading their videos to a backup hosting service in order to preserve their work should anything happen. The main one we’re seeing most vapers move to is VIMEO.


Here is a post that @The_Vapor_Chronicles made to show all the channels that have set up Vimeo accounts. Remember, these are back up channels, and are not meant to replace YouTube at the moment (at least I know for my channel, other channels might switch over completely). But hopefully there is enough interest that the entire vaping community signs up for Vimeo accounts, downloads the Vimeo app, and follows these channel. I’m a bit apprehensive about it, but I do have some hope.

Click for my Vimeo Account 

Right there is my own Vimeo account that I had set up. At first I didn’t expect to sign up for it, but after a bit more research I realized that Vimeo is actually a pretty powerful platform for content creators. Unfortunately, for Livestreaming, Vimeo is asking for $660 per year. That’s a price I’m willing to pay, only if there is enough interest in my Vimeo Channel. Maybe I will set one up if the account hits 5000 followers.

But for now, I still plan on uploading to YouTube as the main place, with Vimeo as the backup. I also will upload all videos to Facebook / Instagram as well, natively, and see Facebook as the better platform for growth and views. Vimeo just doesn’t have the numbers right now. So make sure you’re following me at @DIYORDIE at both Facebook and Instagram to make sure you never miss a video or a livestream, and to stay updated with new recipes, tips, tricks, flavor notes, tutorials, podcasts, and more.


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