Noted: Ep. 48 – Sweeteners

Sweetie Pie

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
TFA Sweetener  Thins out mixes, probably in part b/c of the water or the maltol in the mixture. Is mildly sweet, tiny bit of “sugar lips” @ 2%, not very hard on your coils or cotton  1  08 
CAP Super Sweet  A sucralose bomb, heavy “sugar lips” feeling, very artificial tasting, with a slight chemical edge to it. It can be used low to help bring the fruits forward and make them “pop”, will ruin your cotton/coils @ 2%  .5-1  13 
FW Sweetener  Pretty sweet, seems to be a lot cleaner than CAP SS. Tastes like sucralose alone, most intense on the exhale than anything else, coils look ok @ 2%  .5-1  23 
FLV Sweetness  Feels natural, smoother, it is sweet, cotton and coils looked perfectly clean after 5mls @ 2%  .5-.75  28 
WF Sweetener  It tastes like vanilla milk, cotton candy, with burnt baby powder on it – ID10T 

Fairly mild in terms of a sweetener 

ECX Sweetener  Pretty sweet, no chemical off notes, didn’t mute as bad as some of the other sweeteners, can be seen to be used. Its decent  1  38 
Sugar Daddy Sweetener  Canadian Sweetener, fairly sweet, natural tasting, no chemical off notes, but it mutes flavors big time  1  40 
DL Sweet Original  Lightly sweet, some burnt notes, oddly bitter note, and dark  2  44 
DL Mega Sweet  A sucralose bomb, very sweet, right with CAP SS, good for a candy sweetness    45 
DL Sweet Vanillin  Fairly sweet, mild vanilla note to it    47 
TFA Cotton Candy  Blends into the flavors better, it’s an olfactory sweetness vs a taste flavor, has a spun sugar taste to it    49 
VT Fairy Floss  Not very sweet, tastes like strawberry cotton candy, like a watered down strawberry candy with cotton candy all muted together and perhaps under flavored at 2%  2  52 
VT Raw Sugar  Brown sugar flavored cotton candy, gritty texture to it, a bit dry, but could work as a sweetener or a sweet additive to some flavor profiles  2  54 
LA Cotton Candy  Mildly sweet, tastes like ethyl maltol and something else, is really good for blending flavors together  2  56 
FLV Cotton Candy  Fairly sweet, tastes like marshmallow flavored cotton candy, some vanilla in there as well  2  59 




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