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Still on the Hunt

In this video I take another look at FA Chocolate. This is a chocolate that I never really gave much a chance. I’ve used it a few times when I first purchased it….years ago. And after cleaning my entire flavor library out today, I decided to see if my FA Chocolate was still good. Well after smelling it, it smelled similar to the “Golden Ticket” eliquid I’ve been searching for. Mind you, I’ve tried so many chocolates during this hunt, but FA Chocolate was one I just wrote off from the beginning. So I was inspired to mix it up.

TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%

The recipe above uses FA Chocolate at 3%. Relatively pretty high. But I wanted to see exactly how much I could pull from FA Chocolate. Upon vaping it, it seems like it could possibly be one of the main notes in the chocolate base that these recipes use. Unfortunately, it’s not spot on. I’m still picking up a bit of that latex/band-aid flavor that plagues many chocolates. And I’m not exactly sure if the top notes are very similar (though they seem to be right now). What I do know, is that the finish on this flavoring does produce a very similar, milk chocolate-esque flavor that reminds me of those original eliquids.

I will keep you all updated on this hunt, as I’m still searching. But feel free to mix this recipe up and let me know, not only your thoughts on the recipe, but your thoughts on how close this is to Golden Ticket and other chocolate milk eliquids.


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  1. Wayne, I use AP with most Chocolate recipes I make. As well, I have found that when creating a Chocolate recipe that using a Vanilla helps boost and carry better chocolate notes. I really like using FA Vanilla Classic, INW Shisha Vanilla and 10% Vanillan when doing this. The only Chocolate that gave me that band-aid taste was the “new” INW Milk Chocolate. However, I believe you can mute that note with some AP and Cream or even a bit of Hazelnut. For myself, the best Chocolate note I can get is from a trio of FA Chocolate 1%, Glamour Chocolate 1.25% and JF Cocoa at .5%. I also get great notes from just MB Glamour 2% and JF Cocoa .5%. Those two concentrates are clear and pretty clean, very easy on coils. 3% fa Chocolate is a bit too high for me, coils would need cleaned every tank. I’d lower that to at least 2% as my suggestion.

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