Noted: Ep. 47 – Raspberry

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The Raspy Raspberry

In this episode the crew look at raspberry


Flavor Name Notes Time 
FA Raspberry The best raspberry, will go floral if paired with floral, can get a bit green and muddy at higher %s. 2% would be about the max, super accurate, deep and bright, and very realistic, a bit tart without going over the top <2 4 
CAP Raspberry Tastes like you steeped raspberry blossoms in raspberry syrup. High floral note, a little green, but a really full thick syrup, works better at higher %s (6-8) but not that well, might work well in a tea 3 8 
FLV Raspberry Decent body, almost syrupy, very mellow and soft, fluffy 1.5-3 13 
FLV Red Raspberry Like the skin of a raspberry, not a solo raspberry, but helps add some realism back to a candy raspberry. More of an additive .5 16 
FW Raspberry Surprisingly terrible. Tastes like raspberry cotton candy drizzled with medicine, dry  18 
FW Razzleberry A nice, sweet, artificial, raspberry filling, no harshness  20 
HS Raspberry More jammy, has some tartness, but has a bit of a strawberry note to it  24 
INW Blackberry Raspberry A little thin, sweet and artificial in a good way, can become more natural or more candy depending on how you want it to come out. Its dark but also vibrant and sweet  26 
INW Raspberry Molina Not as versatile, it has a warmth to it, and its syrupy and sweet, very bright, difficult to work with, can be a bully in a mix .25-.5 28 
INW Shisha Raspberry Tastes like raspberry syrup, jammy, some body to it, it isn’t very bright or aggressive, kind of darkly sweet 1.5 31 
INW Raspberry vera Garden Super strong, medicinal, sweet and tart, and candied, but very medicinal .5 36 
LA Raspberry Bright, not floral, little powdery, doesn’t have much going for it, dry, bit on the weaker side 3 37 
Delosi Raspberry Dark warm raspberry, pretty good, no off notes 5 37 
OneDrop Raspberry Could go higher, candy raspberry, artificial but not super fun exciting artificial, Very linear, very flat, a bit of bitter sharp notes in the top 4 41 
RF SC Raspberry Sugar free raspberry candy made with stevia, terrible after taste with a super bitter off note, would work better in a mix to cover the off note b/c its pretty good otherwise. Darker berry sweetness 2 43 
SC Raspberry Candy raspberry with a heavy bitter floral edge, might work well in a floral recipe but it is very floral so its hard to work with .5 -2 47 
TFA Raspberry Bright, vibrant, can be floral if pushed to high, sweet, but not candied, can work well in tea, a friendly flavor <3 50 
TFA Raspberry (sweet) Can have a “ketchup” note , tastes like a raspberry, good for beginners as its very mellow and blendable  53 
VT Juicy Raspberry Tastes like a raspberry lifesaver, a little floral, but the raspberry underneath was a juicy raspberry 2 59 
VT Shisha Raspberry Very thick, jammy, needs to be paired with a raspberry, very soft, and texture-less , does the tartness right, but no vibrancy 4 62 
VT Sweet Raspberry Just tastes “red”, nothing offensive or anything like that but its not easily identified as a raspberry. Has a berry-flavor to it 5-7 65 
VT Raspberry Jam Tastes like a raspberry lifesaver and a peach ring in your mouth at the same time.   67 



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