Mango Yo La Tango (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

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This is a tangy, mango recipe, fit with tropical fruits and candy sweetness.

Made for "CAP Sweet Mango" Flavor Book Entry

CAP Sweet Mango: This is the foundation for the rest of the flavors in this recipes. When you vape it you'll taste a vivid, bold, sweetness, that rings throughout the vape. That's thanks to this awesome ingredient. At 6% it stays nice and strong throughout, and after a steep, gets even more flavorful. Works so great with the tropical fruits that accompany it.

CAP Sweet Guava: This helps add tropicality to the flavor. Without it, the flavor of the recipe is a bit too standard. Sweet Guava really helps turn things around, and give the profile this candy-like presence. Only 2.5% is needed since we don't want to pound out the mango with guava. Gotta keep it subtle.

CAP Sweet Tangerine: I wanted to add some citrus to brighten things up. Sweet Tangerine at 3% helps add a beautiful dimension to the recipe that doesn't interfere with any of the mango/guava/cantaloupe notes. Just lifts the sweetness up a notch, and brighten up the vape.

CAP Cantaloupe: This is the secret weapon. I love using this ingredient next to Mangoes, and next to CAP Sweet Mango, it creates a perfectly bold, lingering mango flavor, that holds throughout the entire vape. It helps fill in that gap that's in the finish of the vape from CAP Sweet Mango, while not distracting its top note. Every ingredient has a secret weapon pairing, and this is mine for mango.

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  1. Holy shit, this one is a killer!! It’s sweet and flavorful… Tropical, almost Bubblegum-ish at times. It’s so weird, and unexpected. The Cantaloupe REALLY fills out the Mango flavor to create a whole new beast!

    I substituted VT Honeydew @ 1% for the CAP Cantaloupe… and 4% PUR Mango for the CAP Sweet Mango… and it STILL worked like a charm!! Genius.

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