Concrete River Helps You With Flavor Notes

If you mix e-liquid and unaware of who Concrete River is, you might’ve been living under a rock. Right now, he’s producing flavor notes at a rate unrivaled to anyone in the community. All for free. His testing notes include technical specs like what coils and builds he’s testing on, concentrations, and gives pairings as well as profile notes on every flavoring he covers. These notes have been such a great resource for the DIY community to take advantage of.

What’s great, is that Rick has released a couple articles talking about his testing methods, and how best to write notes in his format. He goes over how to get started on flavor testing, how to point out profile details like mouthfeel and off-notes, and there’s even a chart involved that gives a visual representation of his test protocol.

Click to Check it out here!

If you’re a fan of Rick’s work, if you have benefited from his flavor notes, or enjoy his recipes, maybe even enjoy his presence on InTheMix Podcast, be sure to head to Chef’sFlavours to pick up his one-shots to keep him going.


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