Noted: Ep. 46 – Peaches

Peach Bottoms

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
LB Peach  Really off, tastes like vomit with peach rings floating in it  7-10  7 
FW Peach  Pretty gross, but might work well in small amounts with another peach, or in a mtl setup. Almost tastes fermented  2.5-3  10 
VT Shisha Peach  Very ripe, musky, could see using it low as an accent to another peach for some “fleshiness” does tend to steep out after a few days  1  12 
VT White Peach  Musky, almost rancid, really good white peach note, just too ripe. Steeps out and works better at a lower percent  1-2  14 
FA Summer Clouds  Hint of peach on top, then a lot of “dryer sheets”   1  16 
SC Peach  Oily, like peaches canned in oil. Bright citrusy yellow canned peach, but leaves an odd greasy or oily sort of mouthfeel  1.5  18 
RF SC Peach  Canned peaches on sugared cardboard, disjointed     21 
One Drop Flavors Peach  Peaches are a little peach ringy, slight cardboard note, the peach lasts longer in the vape than RF SC Peach  4  24 
RF Peach Cobbler  Darker than a fresh peach, bakery is undercooked and playdoh like, a cooked peach with a syrup like flavor    25 
FLV Ginger Peach  Tastes like cream soda, with a slight peach note in the background. Ginger and peach and cream soda, candied ginger, nice and thick for a non-cream flavor   .75-1.5  29 
CAP Peaches and Cream  The cream is better than the peach, light like a whipped cream, buttery sweet, some astringency off the peach much like an under ripen peach  3  32 
CAP Yellow Peach  Very sweet, pretty natural, a little dry or grainy. Has a bit of a harsh throat hit to it  3  34 
LA Peach  Tastes like peach candy without tasting like peach rings. Very sweet and artificial, like the peach version of pear drops    37 
TFA Juicy Peach  Very artificial, very candy, and harsh.     40 
CAP Juicy Peach  Perfect peach for an Arizona iced tea. Almost like a peach extract with some thickness to it. Huge benefit from a ten day steep as it starts out very floral and sweet    42 
HS Juicy Peach  More natural, pretty strong, full flavored peach, softer like a white peach, sugary. Slight floral-greenish aftertaste   1.5  43 
FA Peach  Very plain, as usual for FA it is dry, a little thin  1-3  45 
FA White Peach  Very spot on for a white peach, as usual for FA it is dry, a little thin, but great essence   1-3  46 
TFA Nectarine  A lot less harsh than TFA Juicy Peach, a bit more tart, a very good peach, crispy in texture, works well as a peach  3  48 
INW Peach  Very smart peach, great as a peach additive and really good sf. Natural, ripe, some throat hit, but its worth it  .5-1  52 
JF Honey Peach  Juicy peach, very ripe. Very mild throat hit.  <1.5  56 
WF Peach Pie & Cream  Realistic peach, the cream does not play well with others. There is no bakery in the actual flavor. It is really good as a SF, no skin or peel to it at all  7-10  59 
FLV Peach  Nice, name brand, canned peach. Perfectly rounded, nice body, not very harsh. Perfect peaches in syrup in a can. Not thin, but real full and no real off-notes to it  1.5  64 
FW Pineapple Peach  Over ripe, reminiscent of fw natural pineapple, quite moist and wet as a vape.     72 
DS Peach  Linear peach, tastes like an artificial peach flavoring, a touch thin, not dry or scratchy. Slightly floral   5  72 


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