Let’s Mix: Marshmallow Man Remix (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

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The Recipe

TFAToasted Marshmallow0.5%
OOOPowdered Sugar3%
TFADairy / Milk1.5%
STEEPShort3 Days

The Notes

FLV Marshmallow – This is the main marshmallow note that reverberates throughout the recipe. It packs a bit of deepness, almost like a chocolatey / cocoa note that does help the recipe pull on. You don’t need much, only 1%, and I’m using this instead of others because it does pack a bit more flavor than the rest

TFA Toasted Marshmallow – I wanted my recipe to taste a bit more like a recognizable marshmallow. 0.5% of Toasted Marshmallow does bring some of that flavor. While I find its flavor can be sometimes “too” recognizable, keeping it low, in combination with these other flavorings, helps to keep it in check.

FA Meringue / OOO Powdered Sugar – This flavorings help add both the sweetness and powdered sugar to the vape. OOO’s Powdered Sugar is perfect for this specific recipe, because on its own it tastes like a powdered marshmallow. It just needed some help from some of the other flavorings involved. And the meringue also adds a touch of nuttiness that I like in marshmallow profiles

TFA Dairy / Milk – This is the secret weapon. It adds a layer of complexity, as well as saturation, that other marshmallow recipes don’t have. All too often, marshmallow vapes feel wispy, light, and thin. I wanted one that coated the mouth, that was sticky, and vibrant. This flavoring helps us get there.

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  1. Hey Wayne,

    any tips for replacing OOO Powdered Sugar?
    Getting aromas from US is a bitch.
    Companies available in EU are mostly TFA, CAP and INW. To some smaller extend also FLV now.


    • Merinque… but since merinque is already in there i don’t know maybe add a little bit zeppola?
      I emailed OOO to ask for the components they put in there so i am maybe able to match another concentrate.

  2. Hey Wayne
    im mixed this up and expected much more…
    i newer had before Marshmallow man so i dont know the OG flavour,..
    for me in your remix the FLV Marshmallow is not a good ingredient,to much chocolaty and not much marshmallow clean powdery taste.
    in my opinion will be better with CAP Marshmallow ,its even tasty and rich dirty bold Marshmallow flavour,more classical with no off notes in chocolaty direction.
    Cap Marsh in a combination with FA Marsh classic that gives even more powdery aspect to the recipe.

    greets from ITALY

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