Let’s Mix: Marshmallow Man Remix (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

The Recipe

FLV Marshmallow 1%
TFA Toasted Marshmallow 0.5%
FA Meringue 0.5%
OOO Powdered Sugar 3%
TFA Dairy / Milk 1.5%
FLV Sweetness 0.5%
MIX AT 60Vg 40PG
STEEP Short 3 Days

The Notes

FLV Marshmallow – This is the main marshmallow note that reverberates throughout the recipe. It packs a bit of deepness, almost like a chocolatey / cocoa note that does help the recipe pull on. You don’t need much, only 1%, and I’m using this instead of others because it does pack a bit more flavor than the rest

TFA Toasted Marshmallow – I wanted my recipe to taste a bit more like a recognizable marshmallow. 0.5% of Toasted Marshmallow does bring some of that flavor. While I find its flavor can be sometimes “too” recognizable, keeping it low, in combination with these other flavorings, helps to keep it in check.

FA Meringue / OOO Powdered Sugar – This flavorings help add both the sweetness and powdered sugar to the vape. OOO’s Powdered Sugar is perfect for this specific recipe, because on its own it tastes like a powdered marshmallow. It just needed some help from some of the other flavorings involved. And the meringue also adds a touch of nuttiness that I like in marshmallow profiles

TFA Dairy / Milk – This is the secret weapon. It adds a layer of complexity, as well as saturation, that other marshmallow recipes don’t have. All too often, marshmallow vapes feel wispy, light, and thin. I wanted one that coated the mouth, that was sticky, and vibrant. This flavoring helps us get there.

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  1. Hey Wayne,

    any tips for replacing OOO Powdered Sugar?
    Getting aromas from US is a bitch.
    Companies available in EU are mostly TFA, CAP and INW. To some smaller extend also FLV now.


    • Merinque… but since merinque is already in there i don’t know maybe add a little bit zeppola?
      I emailed OOO to ask for the components they put in there so i am maybe able to match another concentrate.

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