DJLSB vs The Njord ; Marshmallow Muting

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Airflow FIGHT!

In the video above I talk about a recent drama concerning the Njord RDA created by Morten Oen, a Norwegian vaper known for his testing on airflow and wicking. Unfortunately, recent reviews have been…less than stellar…to put it simply. The general consensus from many trusted vape reviewers all are saying the same thing. The RDA packs almost no flavor. We even spoke about the RDA on our recent InTheMix Podcast, and without even using the device, it was clear to us flavor would be lacking, thanks to many of the odd and obscure design choices in the device.

The biggest question to come of this, is Morten’s credibility. DJLSB Vapes, in his most recent video called “Sorry…” shows how upset Oen has been through his recent comments on videos. DJLSB even goes so far to claim that Morten has been botting Daniel’s channel, in an attempt to discredit his review. “Sorry you had to spend your hard earned money…going from 70 dislikes to over 300 dislikes…” is fired from Daniel, accusing Oen of dislike bombing. On ECR, where Oen has gained notoriety, the community is even asking questions regarding to the legitmacy of Oen’s airflow testing and claims. “How do we know this guy isn’t actually full of shit? Or maybe he is trying to do the community a service, but not using the proper testing methods?” user /u/334Guy exclaims in his post “Morton Oen: Airflow Jesus or Airflow Jim Jones”.

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In my personal opinion, I’ve not found much success in Oen’s methods. His “hard” wicking methods have proved nothing but dry hits, and it’s safe to say his latest RDA design, as well as comments on other, more popular and successful RDA’s, means he does not understand the fundamentals of good RDA/RTA design. This is not taking shots whatsoever at Oen. I’m just not convinced his methods are right for me and my style of vape. And with the reviews now, I guess they’re not right for many other’s as well.

Marshmallow Muting

The second part of the video I go over Marshmallow and how often it is used as a crutch in many recipes. Check out my full article on this topic here (MEMBERS ONLY)



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  1. It’s really bumming me out to read/hear such reviews of the Njord as I am one of the ones who pre-ordered the RDA. I wonder if it’s truly meant to be built with DIY hammered-out flat wire as he shows…I guess I will be testing that out. Have you tried building it like that? Just curious.

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