Mooch is Quitting His Job

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So I recently stumbled upon a post on Reddit by Mooch simply titled “A Proposal”. This then leads you to a video where he explains the following.

  1. He’s finally finished with his testing bench
  2. He wants to quit his day job
  3. Commit full time to battery testing
  4. He set up a Patreon to fund his business
  5. Expecting not only consumers to support, but companies as well

I think this is an awesome step for Mooch. I find his battery testing graphics and graphs to be extremely useful, and I’m sure many shops have benefited a ton from them as well. I only hope he gets enough monetary support from these companies, since I don’t think too many consumers will pay for content they only use sparingly. Full battery testing isn’t cheap, especially for specific industries such as vaping, and these battery companies have basically have their best salesman testing and promoting these cells for free. They should start ponying up the money to help Mooch continue his great work, and save many consumers from being harmed by poorly labeled cells.

Here’s Mooch’s Patreon Page



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