Papaya Vapes? #FlavorTalk (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)

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Vegetal Sweetness

In the video above I talk about three of my favorite Papaya flavorings. Those three can give you a wide range of papaya flavors and tastes, that should be able to work in any situation that you need. One thing about Papaya is that it is both a subtle, and odd, flavor. To me, it falls inline with more of a vegetal and floral than it does a fruit, but it does contain enough sweetness to make it fun to vape.

TFA Papaya: This is, in my opinion, the most accurate papaya ingredient. It packs a ton of vegetal qualities that will really turn your recipe into something unique. It also has just enough sweetness to play around with, making it fun to blend with other fruits. Beware, I find it brings some weird earthiness, so caution is needed when using this flavor. I ten to use anywhere from 0.5 – 4% in a recipe, aiming more on the lower end.

FA Papaya: So oddly enough, FA’s Papaya is a bit more fruity and fragrant than TFA’s version. While it’s still extremely accurate, it’s just not as accurate as TFA’s version. That might be a good thing, depending on your situation. If you want some papaya flavor in a recipe, that won’t add too much weird exotic qualities, than this flavoring is a great one to use. I use anywhere from 0.5 – 2%

FLV Papaya Punch: Finally, FLV’s papaya is more of an idealistic version of papaya. Simply put, it’s the least accurate, and packs the most fruitiness. While there is undoubtedly a papaya flavor to it, it’s much sweeter than the others, and also packs some other fruit notes with it, like Honeysuckle, Apple, and even a bit of mango. I enjoy using this if I just need an impression of papaya, to blend with my fruit cocktails. I use anywhere from 1 – 3%

 Papaya Guava Pineapple Recipe

CAPSweet Guava3.5%
CAPGolden Pineapple4%
STEEPShort2 – 3 Days

Make sure to watch the video for the full flavor notes on this recipe. 


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