Noted: Ep. 45 – Custards

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In this episode the crew look at CUSTARDS

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
CAP VBC v1 Has everything you want, eggy, rich, buttery, great vanilla note, needs a three – four week steep, very versatile, can be used at .5% all the way up to 10% Single 10% 10 
CAP VBC v2 Rich, vanilla, needs a good two week steep, buttery, slight plastic note, but cannot go quite as high as v1, not as oily  13 
Decadent Vapors Crem Anglais Lighter custard, mellow vanilla, smooth and creamy, but not oily or buttery, could work well in ice cream or a cream and be really good 3 15 
Delosi Custard More fluffy than thick, the vanilla is like a pudding pop vanilla, not really eggy, a little sweet, and really light on the butter. Slight off-putting spice note 5 19 
FA Custard Very lemony, not as thick as you want it to be. Does fill out after a steep and the lemon fades after a steep as well. 3 22 
FA Custard Premium Rich, buttery, super good,  25 
FLV Custard Dry, chalky, thin, like buttermilk powder, fluffy 2-3 28 
FLV Vanilla Custard Smooth, creamy, like an ice cream, bright frosty vanilla  32 
FLV Vanilla Pudding Very similar to FLV Vanilla Custard  33 
FW Vanilla Custard Chalky electric vanilla, dark,   36 
INW Custard Possibly reformatted – worked really well without a steep, a “competition custard” like a thick rich pudding 1.5-2.5 38 
Mulenberry Custard Similar to delosi, plus has some solid caramel notes, really dark sweetness, fluffy, and eggy, smooth. Light on the butter  43 
Mulenberry Attitude Unbalanced, too light of a custard, with a great raspberry, and a hint of blueberry  4 44 
Mulenberry Chocolate Custard pass  45 
Mulenberry Indulge Very busy, great raspberry, more balanced with a richer custard, a hershey’s syrup chocolate, and a really rich gooey caramel on both sides 4 45 
One Drop Custard Solidly mediocre, very weak, like a cheap vanilla pudding from a box with some chalky dryness to it 8 48 
PUR Vanilla Custard Even steeped at 2weeks it is very “barfy” and sour. Smooth, thick, and vanilla but the sour is too much 3 50 
RF Vanilla Custard A spicy vanilla, with a brown sugar caramel, pretty buttery, with some cardboard. “watered down French vanilla ice cream” 2 53 
RF Cinnamon Custard Cinnamon rubber cement, the cinnamon gets weaker over time, kind of tastes like a custard but for some reason doesn’t vape like a custard 2-4 55 
TFA Vanilla Custard Tastes like vanilla bean ice cream mixed with butter, really buttery, not very eggy but totally satisfying on all the other “custard” notes (2week steep)  58 
VT Creamy Custard Bad banana pudding, there is a harsh spice note 5 62 
VT Banana Custard Might be the best banana cream, better than LA banana cream, the banana on it is really great 5 63 
VT Strawberry Custard Tastes more like a strawberry cream, then a custard. Candied strawberry in a glass of milk 5 65 
VT Chocolate Custard Tastes like chocolate pudding, not sweet and milky or dry and powdery. Thick body, not super eggy or buttery, has some richness to it 5 69 
WF Coconut Custard Would work very well in a cream, fairly tropical, nice soft coconut  75 
WF Vanilla  Tastes like vanilla custard with caramel coated tobacco leaves on it. Delightful, have to let go of the fact that its not a custard 3 76 

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