Grab My New One-Shots from Liquid Barn!

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Grab the New Kings Custard Here

The collaboration between me and LiquidBarn has finally allowed me to release a few “different” types of recipes with them that I wasn’t able to before. You’re now hit with three excellent stand-alone one-shot concentrates, that I’ve spent tons of work on, and I hope you enjoy them.

But what sets them apart from other One-Shots, is that they are meant to be tweaked and messed with! Adding your favorite ice cream note to Quik, or topping off my latest Custard with some fresh fruit, maybe using my WaterMalone next to another fruit medley, the possibilities are endless and that’s exactly what I wanted to offer with my Tastemaker’s line.

Grab them here, or at the link above, and make sure to leave your comments below on how you’ve tweaked, messed with, and mixed with my recipes, so we can all see the awesome creativity coming out of this community.



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