Noted: Ep. 44 – Cookie Dough

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FLV Sweet Dough A slight maple or plastic sweetness that needs to steep out. Not a cookie dough, buttery dough, like the inside of a cinnamon roll .25-.5 7 
RF Cookie Dough (VG) Graham cracker that is made soggy by being dipped in a watered down YooHoo. Very harsh 12 11 
NF Organic Cookie Dough Almost a cookie dough, the chocolate flavor is bitter-sweet with a lavender flavor.. @1% tastes like chocolate chip cookie flavored cookie dough syrup 1-2 14 
FLV Cookie Dough Accurate, tastes like slice n bake sugar cookie dough. No chocolate in it though so keep that in mind,  1 18 
OOO Cookie Dough Chocolate is powdery, dark brown sugar cookie dough,  – Emily 

Very pleasant, sweet brown sugary flavor, chewy & thick, bitter sweet chocolate, accurate “greasy” cookie dough feeling — Dave 


3 27 
NF Organic Cake Batter Tastes like cake batter made out of expired milk and glue, texturally like toothpaste 1.5-3 35 
Flavor Phoenix Cake Batter Tastes like eating a caramel cupcake while in a tire shop. Not a burnt rubber, tastes like that new tire smell 3 37 
OOO Cake Batter Tastes like you squirted vanilla hand soap on an animal cracker. Soapy and a lot of vanilla  41 
RF SC Cake Batter Nice and sweet, tastes like cake batter, but it is thin and light, no real mouthfeel, must steep for at least a week 2 43 
LA Cake Batter All base notes, great building block, a bit dry, like a dry cake batter otherwise 3 46 
FLV Cupcake Batter Like a maple vanilla cake pop, not a standalone maple but if that’s what you are building towards it could work for you, slight plastic note the higher you go .5-2.5 48 
Delosi Cake Batter A little bit watery, but tastes like a cake batter, not as much “thickness” as you might want, but could be fixed with a biscuit or a custard, the top notes are a delicious cake batter 3-5 57 
FW Cake Batter Dip Vague fruitiness to it, decent amount of texture, can be bent into a cookie, sprinkles & icing,   60 
CAP Cake Batter Tastes like licking the spoon of cake batter. Thick, gooey, sugary, custardy, capella vanilla,  1-1.5 70 

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