Flavorings for Vaping with Flavorah Owner Brendan Woodward

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Brendan Woodward, the owner of popular vape flavoring company Flavorah, sat down with me during our stay in London for the Vape Jam UK 2018 expo. The almost 30 minute interview consisted of questions ranging from how he got the money to start Flavorah, what kind of obstacles he faced in terms of regulations within the US and UK vaping industries, how important testing his products were to him, and why he chose a mullet, just to name a few.

I think this interview will provide some good insight on who and what Flavorah is about. Feel free to leave any comments down below and let me know what other questions you would’ve loved to ask him. Flavorah and DIYorDIE came up around the same times, and watching their company grow into the international powerhouse it is today, is truly an awesome experience. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone else is more deserved of their success than Brendan.

The audio portion of the video is also available below as well as for those subscribed to InTheMix Podcast. 


Feel free to share this interview to any DIYer’s or mixers who want to know more about vaping’s best flavorist.

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