New Chubby DIY Gorilla Bottles

So one of the cooler, new products that I seen at the show was by this company ChunBai. They are a bottle/supply company out of China, who’s aim was to establish contacts for distribution at VapeJamUK. They contain many of the bottles we all know and love, anything from regular boston rounds, to plastic bullet bottles. But what caught my eye were these new bottle tops meant specifically for the “short fill” market in the UK.

Essentially, these are regular “chubby” gorilla bottle tops, with small spout tips at the top. What sets them apart from regular bottles, is how their tips can be easily removed. This makes it easy to either fill or dispense the liquid in the bottle, without needing to “rip” the cap off. Anyone who’s used a Chubby Gorilla before knows how difficult it is to remove the spout. This company solves that issue. For short fills, it’s absolutely genius and I expect a lot more company to use them. And for DIYer’s it’s great for those who want the luxury of gorilla bottles, without the hassle of their caps. Also great for those who want to use syringes in their mixing.

Purchase bottles and caps here

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