Aqua E-liquid: Flow (DIYorDIE) Clone

The Guava trend continues with Aqua E-liquids Flow. This e-liquid reminds me a lot of Naked P.O.G. (recipe of this e-liquid can be found here) – due to its sharp citrus, tropical flavor, and sweet, bright top notes and finish. I was able to try this e-liquid over Easter, where my younger was vaping this stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. Upfront I get a taste of bright sweet guava and mango, where the pineapple is a bit more subdued. That said, the pineapple is still present and fits in the recipe well. Note, vaping out of my brothers subtank, no pineapple was present. Anyways, the flavor of this tropical combo was great and refreshing, especially since it was a nice day outside. And the guava and mango really lent themselves in the finish of the vape, with a very sweet lingering taste, that wasn’t too overly offensive. It’s a nice fun flavor that isn’t sweetened too heavily, so try it out. And if you like it, I’d love for you to check out this recipe which is my take on the e-liquid

CAPGolden Pineapple3%
CAPSweet Mango5%
CAPSuper Sweet (Optional)0.5%
STEEPShort3 – 5 Days

Flavor Notes:

FW Guava: First I want to start on the guava flavor. In my opinion, the guava is the flavor profile that sticks out the most to me. Much like the P.O.G. clone, the guava adds to the overall body and saturation of the recipe. It’s just a thick, tropical, sweet flavor and its perfect in those situations. After vaping Aqua’s version, it tasted very similar to FW’s guava, which is great because it’s one of FW’s best flavorings. I didn’t want to use it too high because it’s quite potent on its own, so 3.5% seemed more than plenty. And after a steep it really becomes even more vibrant.

CAP Sweet Mango: Next we move onto the mango. I enjoy using CAP Sweet Mango at 5% to add a vibrant and bright mango flavor to mixes, and this does the job perfectly. I’m not quite certain if its the exact same mango used in Aqua’s version, but because it’s not the main note, it doesn’t really matter. And after its mixed, trust me, you can’t tell a difference if there is any. If you wanted more of a mango focused recipe, feel free to either turn this flavoring up a notch, or adding in another mango to help it out.

CAP Golden Pineapple / TFA Pineapple: The pineapple was the most difficult aspect of the recipe for me. It’s very subtle in the e-liquid, but it’s very much present. The pineapple in the e-liquid adds just a fun, energetic tartness to the mix, and finding that balance was a bit tricky. Finally, I ended up on using CAP Golden Pineapple at 3% and TFA Pineapple at 3% together for this. It might seem high, but both those flavorings are quite light and thin. In the mix you can taste their sharp tartness, a touch of their sweetness, but it doesn’t get in the way of the guava and mango.

NOTES: Lastly, I would consider adding some type of sweetener if you want it to taste exactly like the originals. I find that it does need a steep of a few days just to really bring those flavors a bit closer together and allow that guava to fully bloom. And the original is stated as “Max VG”, whatever that means. I think it’s closer to 75VG/25PG but that’s up to you to decide.

TWEAKS!: Lastly, this recipe is PERFECT for adding your favorite cooling compounds, such as menthol, koolada, or WS-23. I personally really enjoy it with some WS-23 to give it a fun, frigid, flavor.


  1. hey Wayne, I would love to try this but my purveyor only carries Flavor West’s Mango Guava not their plain Guava. Do you think Cap’s sweet guava would be an ok substitute, I’ve never tried Fw’s .

    Thank you sir!

  2. Wayne you nailed this recipe!
    I have made my own version of this awhile back but it was lacking that correct pineapple note. And tfa pineapple is definitely the one they use. Thank you so much for all you do in the vaping industry.

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