Noted: Ep. 42 – Graham Cracker & Pie Crust

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In this episode the crew go over graham cracker and pie crust flavorings and recipes

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) Gritty, bakery body, generic graham cracker taste, staple of a graham cracker, no spice or honey but small hint of vanilla. Has a great texture and richness .5-3 6 
TFA Cheesecake w/ Graham Crust A fuller body graham cracker note, slightly more butter taste, good grainy texture and a creaminess  8 
FW Graham Cracker Authentic graham cracker, tastes crunchy, thicker, some “snap” to it, darker and richer 2-4 10 
FLV Graham Dark, rich, graham flavor, not a really good body note, but the flavor on it is spot on, strong vanilla taste, seems thin .5-3 12 
CAP Graham Cracker A cinnamon graham cracker, accurate amount of cinnamon on the graham cracker, buttery, full, rich, smooth, no “snap” or grit .5-4 15 
RF SC Sugar Cub Sweet, honey graham cracker, with a real baked in honey flavor, a bit thin and harsh alone, all top notes with no base, very flat. Could be used well in a mix 2 19 
FA Apple Pie No apple from it at all, slight cinnamon, crust, toasty caramel, pie crust, fruity type of sweetness, would work well in any type of pie or crust, mostly with a fruit based pie 2-3 23 
TFA Apple Pie Spiced mulled apples and less pie crust, a small amount of pie crust, generic red apple with some slight crust  26 
FW Pie Crust Nice toasty, outside of the edge pie crust, slight caramel note, rich and buttery tasting,  29 
TFA Pie Crust Deep toasty, flakey caramel @ 2% very strong, really distinctive, used low adds the flakiness and texture .75 – 2 32 


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