Noted: Ep. 41 – Coffee

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Cup uh Joe

In this episode of Noted, the crew look at COFFEE!

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FA Dark Bean Super strong, very bad off notes, offensive and overtakes everything, burnt popcorn sprayed by a skunk mixed with dirt and coffee  <1 7 
FA Tiramisu Emily liked it, not a bad coffee, almost like WF Crispy Coffee, a little earthier taste 

Dave hated it, got a skunk spray, burnt popcorn 

1 10 
JF Expresso “Smells like a truck stop bathroom ”out of the bottle… dark roast coffee with sugar, left out overnight, used as an ashtray and as a spit cup for some cherry skoal and then drank. Slightly medicinal. Might work in a tobacco but it is very sweet 


.5 12 
VT Caramel Mocha Sticky, rich, sweet, caramel part, the mocha tastes like dark bean with a funky skunk flavor, no chocolate  1 15 
WF Crispy Coffee Has all the components, mostly done well, even the chocolate, the coffee though has a hint of burnt popcorn, gently assaulted by a skunk scent @ 3%  

Better if mixed at lower %’s closer to 1 

 1-3 16 
FA Italian Relaxed Cappuccino @1% can be used as a coffee cake vs a coffee, mostly cream with a slight cinnamon note. Might pair well with Cinnamon Danish Swirl 1 19 
INW Coffee (wera garden) Burnt so badly, just badly burned popcorn, a thickness to the burnt popcorn note <1 22 
FLV Mocha Same burnt coffee note that cap peanut butter, on top of a dark chocolate base,  .5-1.5 24 
INW Mocha Not bad, coffee note is super subtle, chocolate note isn’t robust, full sweetness & slight creaminess, more like a dry powdered coco note. Could be a decent starter for a mocha in a mix, slight “burnt or bitterness” 2 28 
FLV Biscotti Tastes like the coffee the biscotti was dipped into. Dry but decent texture for a biscotti, very dark coffee, with a sweeter finish. A cararmel & anise off note .25-.5 30 
FLV Coffee Slight granola, earthy, raisin, dried cherry, there is a richness to it, but its not a coffee, works well with others .25 33 
VT Iced Coffee Sweet, mixed, “bitch” drink, smooth, nice creamy, and pleasant, no off notes, slight cooling agent possibly koolada, could work well in a coffee ice cream, or a cooling peppermint type of mix .25-1 37 
LB Cappuccino Not a cappuccino, is a mocha, chocolate is a little tootsie roll, very creamy 6-10 41 
FA Up Weird, slight bakery note, coffee forward, a light roast coffee, but with a grainy bakery note, almost like a cereal .5-1.5 44 
WF Smooth Cappuccino Cream Very sweet, mostly cream, caramel, might work better at 2% as it is so sweet 3-4 47 
PUR Caramel Coffee in Sweet Milk Strong coffee note, very sweet, smooth, thick mouthfeel, good caramel note, a good “Starbucks” mixed drink. Feels like an artificial sweetener, has that “sugar lips” feel, worth picking up 5 49 
WF Brazilian Coffee Straight up black coffee, feels very authentic, bitter in a good coffee way, robust, plain, no off notes that wouldn’t belong in a coffee flavor .75 52 
FW Café Coffee Artificial coffee flavor, a very light coffee with a lot of cream added in but no cream texture, slight amount of caramel noted. sweet 1-2 55 
VT Arabica Coffee Very potent, very offensive at .7% 

.25% – bold coffee flavor, a bit of a “dirt” note  

.25 59 
FLV Irish Cream Tasty mix of coffee and irish cream, marshmallow flavor in it, slight chocolate note in it as well, very full flavored .75-1 62 
VT Café Latte Tastes like VT coffee with some cream, less intense. Cream is light and milky, tiny hint of butter but not a popcorn butter like most coffee vapes.  .25- 66 
DFS Café Napoleon Fresh cup of coffee, with lots of coffee creamer,  the cream is not as heavy as a real cream, not milky just flat and caramel, coffee note hits on the top and at the finish and is quite good 6 68 
VT Coffee Milk Froth Great additive for coffee, a coffee creamer, plays very well with other flavors, it is frothy and airy, not a main note but is an amazing additive, no body or mouthfeel, can be stepped on in a mix, very dappy 1-1.5 70 
VT Coffee Licore Very weak, tastes so good, nailed the Kahlua, slightly chocolatey, with a hint of caramel, and a decent boozy note at 8% 8 74 
HS Hazelnut Coffee Up, without the bakery note, almost dry airiness, no grainy note, the coffee note is nice, not dark, with a good hazelnut creamer, good main note coffee 1-2 79 
CAP Cup a Joe Ok, gas station coffee, not many off notes, slight skunky note, not bad, just meh coffee, decent baseline coffee, but many better options to choose from 5 82 
CAP Cappuccino Burnt popcorn 3 82 


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