Let’s Mix: Matcha Green Frapp (WIP)

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The Green

In the video above, I show you how I’ve been tackling the Green Tea Frappuccino. I’m using some rather, intricate, methods on figuring out how to nail that sweet, earthy, yet subtle, matcha flavor. Unfortunately, I’m not quite there yet and this is a WIP. But I decided to make this video anyway so we can work together to figure this out. Make sure if you have any insight or comments, to leave them below!

The Recipe.

Matcha Green Frapp (WIP)


This is a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino recipe modeled by the extremely sweet and fattening drink from Starbucks that I can't get enough of.


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Kinako Soy     2%FLV Lovage Root     1.5%FW Cookies And Cream     2%FA Meringue     0.5%TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream     3%

Total Flavor: 9.5%

The Notes:

FLV Lovage: This is the “Green Tea” flavoring I’m using. I explain in the video that many of the other green tea flavorings I’ve tried, seem to carry a bit too much “water” content, that end up muddling the recipe. Not only that, but many also seem to carry a dirty, earth note with them, that is extremely difficult to work around .FLV Lovage seems to carry a bright, sweet, almost juicy, green flavor, that works a bit better as a Matcha. It’s not perfect, but so far, at 1.5%, it works pretty well, especially when paired with the next ingredient.

FLV Kinako Soy: This ingredient is essentially a soy milk/soy powder flavor. I’m using it to help turn that Lovage into more of a Matcha flavor, that’s a bit dry, and a bit nutty. The Kinako Soy . also helps bridge the gap between the vegetal notes and the cream notes. At 2% it seems to be the secret weapon.

FW Cookies and Cream: This ingredient adds more of a sweetness to the cream, but it also carries a texture that I wanted to exploit. Matcha Frapp has a gritty, sandy, texture in it that I wanted to try and transfer to the recipe. Adding 2% of this ingredient adds a bit of that. I was also messing with CAP Sugar Cookie which also seemed to help a bit.

FA Meringue / TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This is my cream base. Using TFA VBIC at 3% gives a rich vanilla ice cream flavor to help counteract any offnotes from the weird ingredients, and then adding the 0.5% of meringue to help sweeten up the entire cream.


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