Flavor Talk: The Sherbet SHOWDOWN (FW/TFA/VT/BFF/FE)

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Rated Best to Worst

#1 FW Rainbow Sherbet

In my opinion, FlavorWest’s Rainbow Sherbet is the best standalone sherbet on the market. At 5%, there’s a great amount of flavor, saturation, and accuracy to the ingredient. You can vape it on its own, or have a really great starting point for a good Sherbet recipe. The orange, rasberry, and lime are prominent in the mix, but best of all, it does carry that subtle creamy note that seems to be quintessential to a good sherbet flavor. That’s why it’s my #1, and to be honest, you can stop reading here because the rest on the list just don’t compare.

#2 TFA Rainbow Sherbet

This is a bit similar to FW’s version, though the flavor profile is just a bit different. TFA’s offering seems to pack a bit more lemon and lime flavor on the front, leaving that raspberry flavor to sit a bit more hidden in the flavor. The creaminess of the vape is also not nearly as prominent, therefore sacrificing on accuracy. It’s bright, it’s sweet, and its flavorful, just not quite as on point as FW’s. I will also say, it seems to be a touch harsh on the throat.

 #3 VT Fizzy Sherbet

The accuracy of this sherbet just doesn’t quite hit the mark. To me, I mainly taste just a lemon lime soda flavor. A pretty damn good one at that. But it’s not sherbet, not even in the slightest. It lands on #3 because it does pack a lot of flavor, a lot of lemon and lime, and some nice effervescent accents. This all can be used to help out in a sherbet recipe, making it a bit more useful than some of the other ones lower on the list. UPDATE: After speaking with VT, they said that their Sherbet is what American’s know as Pixie Sticks. Not an American Sherbet.

#4 FE Rainbow Sherbet

This one just seems…off. It’s quite light on flavor, even at 5%, which is disappointing. But when talking about the flavor profile, it just doesn’t seem to nail all the points. There’s a bit of orange and lime, but the raspberry, and creaminess seem to be non-existent. I also taste some odd off-notes that are rather, distracting. I’m just not entirely impressed with this ingredient, especially after how well FE does certain flavor profiles.

#5 BFF (Bickford Flavors) Rainbow sherbet

This is easily the worst on the list. At 8%, there seems to be almost no flavor whatsoever. And what flavor was there, was disappointing. Just skip this at all costs.

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  1. Yo Wayne,
    Thanks for the lowdown on the sherbets mate, really enjoying your content, especially your flavor book. now i know exactly which way to turn when it comes to compiling a sherbet recipe….keep up the good work bro, much appreciated…

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