Noted: Ep. 39 – Oranges (with notes!)

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Flavor Name Notes % TimeStamp 

VT Blood Orange Champagne 

Yummy, super accurate champagne flavor, with blood orange flavoring added to it. Light and sugary champagne, very fizzy, the blood orange flavor is off like sparkling water  4 
FLV Morning Mimosa Prison wine, tastes like fermented oranges, very sharp,  1-1.5 6 
VT Orange Tang Tastes like spot on orange tang, maybe slightly lemon flavor, aggressively fake orange, tangerineish flavor, moderate throat hit 2 8 
FLV Tangerine Tastes like the juice of a tangerine, a bit lemonly, lemon with some orange peel. Mix of fake orange juice and real tangerine lemon juice, juicy 2 11 
CAP Sweet Tangerine , kept low you get a nice orange juice flavor, inherent throat hit, full body sweet, candy tangerine, very versatile, tangerine lollipop, sweet and syrupy 2 – 3.5 14 
CAP Juicy Orange Becomes dry when pushed to higher %’s   
CAP Sweet Tangerine Reduced Flesh Easier on the throat, steeps quicker, smoother, flavor pretty much same as sweet tangerine, overall much smoother, trading vibrancy for smoothness, flavor is sweeter, brighter  17 
CAP Golden Pineapple Use .25% no pineapple flavor, the sweetness helps round out the edges of most citrus flavors  19 
WF Tangerine More natural tasting citrus, vapes like warm half tangerine, half orange, bitter orange, sweeter tangerine, not candied, naval orange, great combination tangerine/orange 3 20 
FLV Orange Citrus Half orange half tangerine, very thick concentrate, tastes natural, non-punchy citrus, feels waxy, almost like a Swedish fish, cooked orange 1.5 – 3 22 
FW Tangerine Little warmth to it, pretty good, flavor isn’t very pronounced, bit of a waxy note, not much throat hit, not very sweet, middle of the road orange flavor 2 24 
FA Mandarin Great, juicy and sweet, a little thin, top notes are really nice juicy candy, rides the line between a mandarin and a tangerine,   27 
VT Mandarin Not as bright as FA, candied and thin, darker, not juicy but also not dry, canned mandarin oranges, no throat hit, no off notes 2 29 
TFA Orange Mandarin Harsh, lemony floral @ 3%, 1.5% was dry, no body, orangey zest with lemon zest, thin base of mandarin, might work well in a floral mix or with other oranges in an orange cream < 2 32 
SC Mandarin Very bitter, nail polish note, orange zest in nail polish,  2.5 33 
FE Sweet Orange Mandarin type orange, very vibrant and juicy, tastes like canned mandarin orange, slight peel note, sweet and syrupy, slightly thin, and smooth for a citrus. Gets lost in mixes  36 
FLV Blood Orange Natural blood orange, sweetness that tastes “red” and earthy, deeper, small berry notes, fuller orange 1.5 – 2 40 
FA Blood Orange Brighter, better in a mix, can be pushed below things better, mixers orange, fresh punch in the mouth of orange 1.25 43 
FW Blood Orange Great flavor,    
RF SC Blood Orange Its ok, thin, nothing terrible its just not good, very linear,  48 
FW Orange Natural Like an old orange, not juicy or sweet, not vibrant, not orange candy, def a natural orange. Powdery sweetness not good at 6% 3 50 
FA Orange Thin, bright, artificial tasting, like old oj that you just drink the thin watery stuff on top without the pulp, very flavorful and potent 2 53 
FA Royal Orange Juice Similar to FA Orange, but way better, a lot sweeter, slight body, artificial frozen from concentrate orange juice 2 55 
CAP Juicy Orange Waxy, some off notes, the best orange juice flavor, tastes like straight up orange juice, lacking the body and thickness. Very easy to mix through the off notes  56 
RF SC Orange Orange slice candy, without the sugar on them, seems thin and strange  60 
INW Shisha Orange Amazing flavor, end all be all orange, thick, syrup, bold, delicious orange, full body, no throat hit 1.5 – 2 62 
INW Orange Really strong, perfume @ 2%, full flavored at .25% tastes like a candied orange peel  65 
OOO Orange Juice Not very good, soapy. However RinVapes loves it  67 
WF Orange Juice Really sweet, from frozen concentrate and add sugar to it, very sweet, tastes good enough by itself for a sf mix. Very candied, could be used as a profile specific sweetener  68 
NF Organic Orange 3% very natural, without juiciness, slightly bitter, not thin 

6% tastes like orange marmalade (low sugar) 

HS Green Orange Tastes like an under ripe orange, bitter, no zest or rind  72 
TFA Orange Cream Stronger than most TFA, and needs a steep to really develop (around 10days), orange is artificial, and the cream really thickens up. Great base for a fruit smoothie 2 –  3 74 
CAP Orange Creamscicle Good, orange is very soft, would pair well with tfa orange cream, cream is very pronounced, orange comes off as medicinal.  79 
LB Orange Banana Super harsh, steeps out, really good banana and solid orange  82 
FA Bergamot .5% strong, bitter sweet, fragrant floral green, tasted like the difference between earl gray tea and plain tea & furniture polish .25 – .5 85 
VT Bergamot Orangey spice, musty, deep and spicey, small orange note, not wet, not dry, not as strong as FA, bitter sweet 2 87 
FW Orange Dream Bar Creamier version of natural orange, fairly thin cream, not a lot of flavor, non-descript creamy, orange tastes more natural 5 90 
TFA Orange Cream Bar Orange needs a lot of help, little medicinal, may steep out, cream note is nice, but the orange needs to much help 3 89 


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