Where’s the Carrot Cake Man? ; Let’s Mix: Easy Lime S’icle DIY E-liquid Recipe

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Carrot Hunt

In the first part of the video above, I get back to our flavor development hunt. If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, check out this video and you’ll understand. It’s been quite a while since I first made that video, but we’re back in action. It was super nice out, so I figured it was the perfect time. Unfortuantely, I walked around for almost 4 hours, and came up with nothing. But I did end up ordering a few of the ingredients I felt could be useful. One being from OOO and the other from a much lesser known company, Bakto.

OOO Carrot Cake

Bakto Carrot Cake

Lime S’icle

The second half of the video I mix up a super simple, yet deliciously vibrant lime creamsicle pop. If you’ve never had them, you didn’t have a childhood, but essentially it’s a candy lime flavor with vanilla ice cream infused inside it. This recipe is a damn close rendition of that, thanks to how spot on FLV Lime is.

CAPSweet Tangerine2%
FWVanilla Bean Ice Cream4%
TFASweet Cream1%
STEEPShort2 – 4 Days

Flavor Notes:

FLV Lime / CAP Tangerine: This is the fruit aspect of the recipe…duh. What makes this recipe, is the FLV Lime. No you cannot sub this lime out for practically any other lime. It’s exactly like those lime-sicles. It’s also really powerful, and only 1% is needed here. That said, if you wanted a punch-you-in-your-face lime flavor, and just a touch of cream, you can turn this up to 4 – 5%. The tangerine just helps give it a little push towards that candy lime-sicle profile.

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This is the ice cream part of the recipe…duh. I’m using FW’s because it’s not rich like TFA’s. The cream inside those bars was light, and delicate, but also sweet. And FW’s version fits that description perfectly. 4% is needed to stand up to that Lime flavor as well.

TFA Sweet Cream / FA Meringue: These ingredients just help the FW VBIC along to become more accurate to that ice cream flavor I’m looking for. It’s hard to NOT use Meringue in these situation since it does such a great job of inherently sweetening creams and dairies.

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  1. First off love your vlogs,my stepson just had me watch this show called Poh & Co on netflix and the 2 ep. she makes a carrot cake and I thought of you lol.

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