Quik: Strawberry Malted Milk (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

First I want to thank Liquid Barn for partnering up with me and letting me release this flavoring with them. Not only that, but also letting me release the recipe with it as well. Every one-shot that is released with the Tastemaker line, will have its recipe released after its initial run and its feature for DIYorDIE Mixer Members. So if you’re not a Mixer Member, feel free to sign up now so you don’t miss out on those recipes.

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It’s one of my favorite recipes, and really captures the essence of a natural ripe watermelon, all the way down to its texture. That recipe has also already been released, so feel free to mix it up if you have the ingredients (but also buy it too, ’cause it’ll help me out…only if you want of course).

Anyway, here’s the QUIK recipe you’ve been waiting for.

CAPSweet Strawberry5%
TFABavarian Cream0.5%
TFAVanilla Custard2%
CAPCreamy Yogurt4%
TFAMalted Milk0.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

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Flavor Notes:

CAP Sweet Strawberry / TFA Strawberry: This is my tried and true strawberry combo. Ya’ll know it, and if you’ve been following me for a while, and have vaped Quik, and didn’t recognize this, shame on you! I love this combo because it adds a nice bright strawberry top note, with an authentic juicy strawberry body. Percentages change depending on what I want to accentuate, and here I wanted to help accentuate the candy top note.

TFA Bavarian Cream / Vanilla Custard: This combo is where you’ll taste that rich, vanilla, thickness that accompanies the vape. The bavarian cream brings somewhat of a nuttiness, and the custard brings a much needed “buttery” note. Once they steep, it’s heaven.

CAP Creamy Yogurt: The yogurt is mainly the foundation of everything. It’s mouthfeel is what I wanted out of it, and using it at 4% allows me to really build whatever I want on top of it without it falling to pieces. There’s also just a nice velvety creaminess that comes from this flavoring that I love to utilize.

TFA Malted Milk / FA Butterscotch: This little combo here is the secret weapon. It’s what adds the “malted” flavor in the milk. I’m using a lot of cream in the recipe, so this makes a thick vape. Making sure the strawberry popping out was the first challenge, and the second, was bringing about a malted flavor. FA Butterscotch helps tremendously, while also adding a touch of sweetness. Brown sugar could do the same. And the TFA Malted Milk just turns the creams involved more into a dairy, pulling it all together.


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  1. Just in case no one has mentioned this…
    Watching yesterdays InTheMix (Wrigleys Beats) – At 00:34:26, ad screen lower left, third item.
    What is consulation?
    I and Google are unclear on that word so ‘we’ suspect it may be a typo.
    Peace out and much love!

  2. “You can’t vape it slow if it’s QUIK.” You have to be really old to know this reference but it suits this vape. Bought some recently and I can’t stop vaping it. It’s so good. Thanks Wayne for always sharing your recipes. You’re the best!

  3. Which brown sugar would you use? Personally QUIK is one of my favourite juices I ever vaped, but I didn’t really like the butterscotch note. I was going to try this recipe dropping just that, but now I see you recommend potentially replacing it with brown sugar. Any specific brand and percentage? :)

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